Discussion: AP Fact-Checks The GOP's National Security Debate

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The ignorance of what’s already happening to defeat ISUS is astounding. None of the Republican candidates are able to match Obama. .


This is only a small selection of the fallacies in the debate. In fact, almost every thing said in the debate seemed to be based on the fallacy that the Executive branch and the military are currently doing nothing in the middle east to stop terrorism. It was bizarre hearing the candidates say they would do all of these “innovative” things that are already being done in the war on terror. These folks didn’t seem to have a clue as to what is going on.


This is what should happen during or immediately following any presidential debate. Too bad the MSM is too chickenshit for such a standard.


Where are the jobs? Where are the plans to fix and expand infrastructure? Where is the plan to rebuild the American economic base that does not depend on DoD contracts to be self sufficient? What is the plan to evacuate Miami?

None of these people are serious.


“Arrest statistics are widely regarded as the best measure” + “about 330,000 people were caught crossing the Mexican border illegally, a near 40-year low in border arrests” =

Teatrolls yelling that Obama has told law enforcement not to arrest them in order to “cook the books” and “skew the statistics.”

When will you learn? Facts don’t matter anymore.


Interesting that the AP only used 2 US-soil terrorist attacks to refute Rand, and both happened to be “Muslim-sounding names”. They left out ALL of the 90% terrorist attacks committed by white radical CHRISTIAN American terrorists.


This may be somewhat true - it’s a given that Carson and Fiorina wouldn’t because neither has the slightest idea how government works. But they say shit like this to smear the entire Democratic party since it holds the presidency. If Obama isn’t doing these things, surely it means that no Democrat would ever do these things.

Reminded me of this.


Glad the AP did this, but what a gruesome job. It’s like the people who have to clean up crime scenes.


tl;dr Vote Dem.



The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Wednesday he has asked his staff to look into whether Texas Sen. Ted Cruz released classified information during Tuesday night’s GOP presidential debate…Cruz said that “nearly 100 percent” of phone numbers can be checked for terror ties under the new program, compared with “20 percent to 30 percent” under earlier Patriot Act provisions.


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Well yeah but apart from all of that, they did state some true stuff, right?

What’s this about Christie addressing King Hussein as “Sir”? Since when does the President of the United States bow to or otherwise act respectfully to foreign leaders? Especially ones with that name?


And moderators do not point out lies. Do they not do research before the debates? Do they not have fact checkers who can determine what is inaccurate? Time to eliminate debates if they are not truly debates. This country has become the laughing stock of the world. It is disgusting.


And lumping Jordan with Saudi…amateurs.


Agreed. I think what I was intending to convey is that they gave the appearance of not having a clue what is going on. Of course it was all their continuing cynical ploy of ignoring facts and reality.

ALL OF THEM: “I could do a better job than Obama.”

THE FACTS: Liars! Every single one of these doody-heads is lying!

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Facts don’t matter to the GOP base - agreeing with them does.

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My personal favorite is Christie talking to the dead king of Jordan. Also, could Fiorina’s contributions have been more nothing? She looked pissed, but she always looks pissed. Why didn’t she say what was on her mind? “Dammit! Why are my poll numbers not higher?!” as she stamps her foot.


This is easily my biggest bitch. Where are the follow-up questions or comments?