Discussion: AP Fact Checks First Presidential Debate Of 2016

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Trump got rolled. End of story.


What’s up with that piece of paper at the foot of Trump’s podium? Are those notes? Just wondering.

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From the photo, I’d say Hillary’s fingers are at least as long as Drumpf’s!

Under her plan, the government would pay for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities for students from families earning less than $125,000 a year. That would leave students still bearing the cost of room and board, which ma7kes (sic) up more than half of the average $18,943 sticker price at a four-year public university, according to the College Board.

This is a fact check? Seriously? That Hillary’s plan doesn’t provide free rent and food to students means she isn’t providing debt free college? They wouldn’t have to pay for rent and food if they weren’t in college?

Hey, her plan doesn’t pay for clothing or beer or cable TV either! How is that debt free?

This is why I hate fact checks.


:joy::joy::joy:They nailed trump more times then Clinton.

Yes, Trump won by 13 to 5.

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“under examination” is most certainly a formal term used by the IRS, to describe a return (or returns) being audited. an audit is an examination, and the section of the IRS that conducts them is called Exam. Whoever told them otherwise is wrong.

Given his purported “high earner” status, and the complexity of his returns, it’s possible he could be under continuous examination, especially if material adjustments are constantly being proposed, and issues roll over to other years. Possible, but not likely, with an individual return. Those types of exams, which involve a team of Revenue Agents and Specialists, are ordinarily reserved for major corporations, are conducted in two year cycles, and involve complex domestic and foreign tax issues. Again, it’s possible for an individual, but as a rule not likely.

There is no evidence Trump expressed public opposition to the war before the U.S. invaded…

Call Hannity bitches, he’ll confirm Trump’s story!

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The fact checks have been consistent with the gigantic cloud of sui generis surrealism that’s been the hallmark of Trump’s campaign. On and on and on and on they go, with “Trump lied, Trump lied, Trump lied, lied, lied, and that was a lie, oh and that was false, and lie, lie, lie.” And mixed in with them, a couple of times where Hillary said a thing, was accused of lying but was telling the truth. I’ve looked at four of these things now. And, as with so much else since the bloated four year old swine announced, they’re like nothing I’ve ever seen.

And it’s not all just Trump being Trump and the Trump who showed up being the only Trump there is when he’s not gritting his teeth and reading a prepared speech while building up psychic pressure that makes him even worse than usual for days thereafter. Hillary didn’t just prepare, she prepared to ensure that when the fact checkers came looking to do a Kessler on her, they’d find nothing they could work with without making asses of themselves the way the AP did with the college tuition thing.

That said, I have to grudgingly give the AP asshats credit on the TPP thing. Other fact-checks have credited her explanation that the thing somehow went off the rails after she left in some unexplained way but I think AP’s characterization of it as a pure flip-flop made under the pressure of the Berners’ reduction of the thing to a symbol of all that is wrong with the world is fair.


Well the debate was much like their campaigns. Clinton’s most true with some exaggerations, Trumps mostly a bunch of lies and exaggerations…

They were allowed to bring notes. That’s fine. From what I could tell, Trump thought he could just use his rehearsed lines and win.

In fact, I’m not surprised that he got far more fact checked false statements from last night than Clinton did.

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HuffPo fact checked last night as the debate progressed and posted the obvious lies:

Trump: 16 lies

Clinton: 0 lies


Just remember, as Secretary Of State it was HER JOB to promote and defend the policies of the Obama Administration.
After she left that office in 2013 she was then free to speak her mind and she has stated many times since then that she is opposed to the TPP in it’s current form.
History. It’s a bitch ain’t it?
Thanks for playing. Please try again.

And ‘Trump Math’ really, really sucks:

Hillary: “Trump has had 6 bankruptcies.”
Trump: “I have had 4 issues that required filing for bankruptcy .”

He obviously has a hard time adding and counting because of the tiny hands.


This is such a crock of shit.
Hillary says something that is finely nuanced: It’s a LIE! A LIE I TELL YOU!!!
Trump says with authority that the “Sun Rises in the West!”: Well, you know. “Some say…”
AP is soooooooo in the bag for Trump is it funny.
He lies 13 times, she shades the truth (maybe) 3 times (the college Debt thing is fucking ridiculous AP): ITS A TIE!!!
Oh. Your. God.


BTW: Trump actually phoned in to FOX last night to complain that he was "asked the wrong questions" by the debate moderator.
Apparently, the list of questions that Kellyanne gave to Holt’s assistant didn’t make it past backstage.



Headline from Le Monde today:

#“Clinton-Trump, Experience Versus Incoherence”


Oh, please. Because clearly, the Secretary of State really didn’t have any control or input into the direction of the negotiations.

I say this as a rare example of an unapologetic supporter of the TPP. Given all the monkey-poo flinging, I do not fault her from throwing it under the bus, but as SoS, Hillary knew, like everyone in the foreign policy establishment knew, that the TPP was about geopolitics, not trade. It is not about the rather negligible economic impact it would have in the U.S. economy. Rather, it was/is about getting a bunch of countries with whom we already have bilateral trade agreements that already do pretty much everything the TPP does trading with each other in a trading block under U.S. leadership rather than turning to China. And from that perspective, it was a good thing and from that perspective, she supported it until the Berners reduced it to a facile symbol and turned it into political plutonium.


Well, we’ve got to have equivalence, dontcha know? Even if something has to be twisted or exaggerated to match the outrageous falsehoods blurted non-stop by her opponent. For every blaring, ludicrously insane turd belched by Trump, we have to take some comment of Hillary’s and comb through it for a possibly inflated aspect for comparison.

Or just make something up. That’s much easier and quite popular with the media.