Discussion: AP FACT CHECK: Trump And Missions Unaccomplished

But the legislative bills! So many! Trump is giving us clean, beautiful coal! He’s putting all the minors to work! And moving all of his hotel staff to the WH! No cuts to Medicaid! NO CUTS! (No new sanctions on Russia, either!)

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Fact check is the kind term applied to this laundry list of bullshit and bloviations.

There was one actual fact amongst the long list of lies and deceptions.
A Bullshit Expose is more accurate. Same lies-different day.


Many Iowans were not amused with donnie’s bullshit rally. From The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette:

We hope you have time to speak with some of the state and local leaders who would have to deal with the deep and real impacts of such reductions. […] We concede it’s not as much fun as hearing the cheers and chants of folks convinced you’re making America great again. But it’s what presidents do.


The Great and Wonderful Trump - the Wizard of Oz president.


I can’t say I’m sorry that a lot of what donnie is doing is going to hit Iowa very hard. Iowans used to be known for doing their homework before going to the polls, but this time their blind and willing ignorance is going to bite them in the butt BIGLY.


Good. According to what I read this past week, farmers in Kansas are freaking out because they don’t have enough field workers. I read on Rawstory one farmer said to a Mexican migrant worker that he “needs 100 more” like the migrant, who answered that well we’re getting hard to find.

Ha ha!


More importantly…

What exactly is inside the new Republican health care bill? Let's take a look. pic.twitter.com/ghupisP2Zq

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) June 23, 2017

Trumpy the clown hasn’t even read the GOP Reverse Robin Hood Bill, yet he’s all for signing it without bothering to say one word about what’s in it either…He doesn’t read or understand legislation, nor does he have a working knowledge of how the federal government works in the most basic terms. One fifth of our economy, and the P-resident of the WH can’t address what it is he’s supporting.

Since he promised he wouldn’t eliminate Medicaid, I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise, or bother him much, that this bill guts that very program. It will also allow insurance companies to reinstate the ability to deny pre-existing conditions by eliminating essential health benefits. Insurance companies will once again be able to turn you down for tests and treatments related to those conditions they deem unnecessary. The GOP bill forces older Americans to pay 5x’s what a younger person pays, and reinstates annual and lifetime caps like those that existed before the ACA became law. Its a death spiral of a bill…all being done to give a huge tax break to the wealthy.

This is so very fucked up. Time to go rip the shit out of some weeds! Plus I missed watching last week’s Better Call Saul and have to catch up.


Well Iowans…I’m not going to heap an “I told you so” on you, but I do feel that you will be hurt very badly, as we all will, if the Trumpcare comes to pass. Yes, the cheers, chanting, and insults are fun at the rallys, aren’t they, but you should’ve ponder it… and after a while, not so much fun at all…

Quite a finale for Jimmy and Chuck and Mike and Nacho – don’t miss it!

Let me see if I’ve read this correctly.

Trump lies?

Film at 11.

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Minors? He’s gutting child labor laws? I wouldn’t put it past him.

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From an actual re-election campaign video on Facebook:

OMG! Forget trump’s tiny little hands…look at his FEET! His weeny teeny little shoe size HAS to be right in line with the size of his…IQ.


I noticed the same. Quite a good joke.

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Thank you TPM. Donald’s base will call this fake news. You’re preaching to the choir.

In that picture his feet look kind of small too.