Discussion: AOC Fires Back At McCarthy: He Should Apologize For Supporting 'Human Rights Abuses'

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Good for AOC.
Kevin McCarthy should also apologize for being a totally out of fashion cookie cutter Reagan Republican, who has no true philosophy, no core beliefs or principles, and for being a douchenschnozzle his entire life.


More fake outrage. Does McCarthy understand that a concentration camp is not necessarily a place where the interned population is eliminated? And what does he think Manzanar, Heart Lake and the other places Japanese-Americans were held during WWII were? I don’t agree with AOC on a regular basis, but in this instance she’s right, and she has the moral high ground.


O hell yeah! Get them AOC.


Republicans, by now, should know better than to go after AOC…unless they like getting their asses handed to them. If they expect her to back down, like perhaps some other Dems, they don’t know AOC. McCarthy won’t win this fight. He’s wrong morally and legally and he’s short on brainpower.


Kevin McCarthy should offer up profuse apologies for being a compete and utter moron, one which lacks the intelligence and ethical and moral grounding of a moribund tunicate. In short, for being Kevin McCarthy,


McCarthy should apologize for being a toadying, groveling, sycophantic Trump lapdog.

Trump apparently calls him “my Kevin,” not unlike when he would look out at his rallies and see the one black guy and call him “my African American.”


McCarthy manufactures another GOP false equivalency into a hideous (ed) lie.

McCarthy mistakenly terms as concentration camps the Nazi death camps in World War II. Concentration camps have preceded and followed the Nazi death camps.

The US now has in place concentration camps on our Southern border. Denying this, as the GOP is doing, prevents us from coming up with better solutions to these American tragedies.


The men in uniform with lots of medals on their jackets gained in service to their country are “my generals.”


Probably could’ve just stopped right there …


Something Kevin understands.

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) said, according to a recording of the June 15, 2016, exchange, which was listened to and verified by The Washington Post. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is a Californian Republican known in Congress as a fervent defender of Putin and Russia.

Paulie quick jumped in saying “Ixnay on the iftgray alktay.”


It’s fun how the likes of McCarthy are helping to raise the profile of one of our boldest and brightest.

Thanks, Kev!


And McCarthy should apologize for his false concern for history and the Jews. His pose of righteousness is a lie, put forth like a plastic flower in a pot to hide the stench of the concentrated animal feeding operation that is the Republican Party propagating evil.


Kevin McCarthy is unarmed in a battle of wits with AOC, or anyone else for that matter.


What Kevo fails to account for in his Dear Leader and Dear Leader’s maladministration is that the actions that they have taken were not thought out, and even then they didn’t plan on how to deal with the change they wanted. And as more people from the Northern Triangle countries came did this maladministration ask for more help/money to deal with the influx, or was the ‘get’ for $$$ for a wall which won’t stem the flow? And again when the first child died during the family separation policy who was Speaker of the House?

And Kevo who was Speaker of the House from Nov. 2017 through Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy?
###Paul Ryan


Kevin was just feeling a little left out … at the time …

emphasis on the ’ was ’ …part —


On Wednesday, McCarthy attacked the Democratic congresswoman for her comment, saying that she “does not understand history” and that there was “no comparison” between the centers and concentration camps.

Concentration camps were used in the Holocaust and then became death camps. But they are not exclusive to the Holocaust. The fact that we are not killing these people (intentionally) does not mean they are not living in prison conditions, and at times in conditions that are considered by anyone outside of the Trump adminstration as inhumane. McCarthy and others who denounce AOC should spend at week in the “Centers” under the same conditions as everyone else there. One space blanket and some food. That’s it.


“McCarthy attacked the Democratic congresswoman for her comment, saying that she ‘does not understand history’ and that there was ‘no comparison’ between the centers and concentration camps.”

When you’re spending time explaining how your concentration camps aren’t like other concentration camps…

You’re losing.


The Nazis had two kinds of camps: concentration camps where people ‘lived’ and worked until they starved and were worked to death or got shot or killed some other way. But they lived in the camp.

There were also 5 extermination camps where nobody lived except the guards and the workers. They just unloaded people off trains, stripped them and ran them right into the gas chambers.

two kinds of camps. Concentration camps are where they concentrated people and held them like they had concentrated them in ghettos first.

The children at the border are being held in concentration camps - camps where they are concentrated together and held.


“Banality of Evil Spas”