Discussion: Anti-Muslim Poster Featured In 'WV GOP Day' Dispay, Party Chair Claims Ignorance

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‘WV GOP Day’ Display, Party Chair Claims Ignorance.

…after they were caught.


Sounds like we’re not too far from a caning incident on the floor of the WV House Chamber. History does tend to repeat itself and WV seems like the new Kansas of the antebellum days.


It is a form of GOP performance art:

Without addressing the poster specifically, House Speaker Roger Hanshaw said in a statement, in part: “The West Virginia House of Delegates unequivocally rejects hate in all of its forms.”

How do we technically say the right thing, but in such an insincere and generic way that it signals to our base that we mean the opposite?



When 15 Saudis attacked America?

With support from the Saudi government?

The same Saudis who are Trump and the GOP’s besties?

  • an Islamophobic poster
  • another item advertising ACT for America, the anti-Muslim hate group

featured as part of a celebration of the state’s Republican Party

That’s one thing we agree on: the Republican party is Islamophobic. Which seems consistent with their fear of blacks, fear of Hispanics, and defense of terrorists who are white.

Did anyone look to see whether GOP Day included a parade of vans filled with duct-taped white women?


Suddenly you want to count every little thing from more than 2 or 3 years ago? That was practically a past life. Who are you going to go after next – Nazis??


According to WaPo,

But no Republican delegates condemned the poster … Many Republicans got up to speak about the First Amendment in response, according to West Virginia Public Radio. “My issue with what I saw outside has to do with another truly American foundational issue, and that’s freedom of speech," Republican Del. Dianna Graves said …

Just don’t burn the flag or kneel during the anthem.


Alternative headline: “WV GOP issues fatwa!”


I think there’s more than a little misogyny thrown in as well. The hijab makes her an obvious target.


bin Laden said the reason for the WTC attacks was because of America’s imperialist, interventionist, militaristic policies in the Middle East. In other words, exactly what we would have screamed bloody murder about if say Iran invaded Florida. The US creates mortal enemies around the globe because we have an insatiable need for perpetual war; war to feed the bottomless pit of our military-industrial complex. BTW, get ready for the military attacks on Venezuela. Trump already said we should steal that sovereign nation’s oil.


Oh my word. Do they say which plane she was flying?


O yeah.

Non Muslims and especially males, sorry, love to tell Muslim women they’ll rescue them from their hijab prisons. Regardless of whether they want to be “rescued.”


The GOP Hijab:


Wait, West Virginia GOP you say?

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I will not rest until I have rescued Mrs Von Holst from the vile babushka hegemony.


O ralph, you chivalrous fool!!! hahahahahahahaha


The Saudis have always been the GOP besties, esp. the Bush family, why else would they go to war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.


Hers was not the only name on the lieutenant’s hit list. There were also non-Muslims, white men, liberals, distinguished members of our society. White nationalist fascists also tried to bomb members of the Democratic Party.

So no, fascists, we haven’t forgotten. We’re at war. We know who the enemy is.

And we vote.


‘Never Forget’ – you said

Yeah, and you know what? We haven’t.

We, the fucking New Yorkers who lived through that fucking day, who lost friends and loved ones in those buildings, have never forgotten how you fucking chickenshit little bitches in flyover country reacted with panic and saber-rattling while we got back to work and got back to living our goddamned lives.

We haven’t forgotten how the GOP spent 15 years literally using the BODIES OF OUR DEAD for fundraising and hate-mongering, for lying us into illegal wars, for turning Americans against Americans, and for instituting a regime of torture, ‘disappearances’, black sites, and indefinite incarceration of people for the crime of being in their own damned country when you came by with a big-ass net.

To the men and women of West Virginia who stood up to do what was right—from the emergency responders and utility workers who came north to help us dig out and get things running again to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who offered their bodies and minds up as sacrifices to necessity because they trusted our leaders—to you, I say ‘thank you, we will never forget’.

But to the pathetic, fearmongering, simpering little cowards who have spent a decade and a half trying to make your bread from our bones… we won’t forget you, either. Neither are we likely to forgive.