Discussion: Anti-Abortion Dem Rep's 2018 Primary Foe Gearing Up For Another Run

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So who is anti-abortion, the Dem Rep, or the 2018 Primary foe? Asking for a friend.

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"Abortion isn’t the only issue where Lipinski splits from most Democrats.

He has long opposed gay marriage and is one of the only House Democrats who opposes legislation that would ban housing and employment discrimination against the LGBTQ community…

Lipinski also didn’t back Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as party leader in each of the last four congressional sessions…"

At least Joe Manchin doesn’t screw up his vote for Democratic leader in the Senate.


Lipinski, who has served for more than a decade since he took the seat from his father,

That shit has got to stop.


Someone get rid of this guy, he’s an embarrassment


Thank the gods and goddesses that we have Real Democrats like Dan Lipinski to protect us from meddling, Fake Democrats like Bernie Sanders. Anyone who criticizes Lipinski is guilty of enforcing unwanted Purity on the Big Tent Democrats, being Putin’s Puppet and helping Republican’ts to win!

(Yes, that was snark.)


You got me worked up for a second. Primary this old fool - and while at it, primary Sen Gillabrand too!


From the “Snarks and Recreation” department.


The Republicans are perfectly happy to keep Lipinski in office. They didn’t even bother to run a candidate against him-- unless you count the Nazi.


Good Lord. Anyone that’s anti-abortion only has to look at that guy for an second if they wanna be driven into complete abstinence. Looking at him would take anyone’s sexual drive from the get-go and dry it right up into a shriveled-up prune.

Some legacies are meant to die.


The Dem Rep, Lipinski.

Emphasis added:

The woman who nearly defeated one of Congress’s most conservative Democrats last year is moving towards a likely rematch, she told TPM on Tuesday.


Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and Rep. Joseph Crowley (N.Y.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus all supported Lipinski against Newman in the 2016 primary.

Go Nancy!


She had better hurry. Based on that photograph, he might not make it. (He looks like a badly used candle.)


Pelosi, Hoyer, Crowley - their support did not matter. Neither did Schakowsky’s or Gutierrez’s withholding support.

“Lipinski … relied on a heavy get-out-the-vote effort from his local union allies and the Democratic machine to overcome Newman in 2018.”

The Democratic machine is what mattered. Lipinski lost the suburbs, but more than made up the margin in the city where the machine is still alive and well.


And at least Joe Manchin has the excuse of being from a very conservative state. I’m fine with someone like Lipinski in a red district. I’m not at all fine with someone like him in a safely blue district.


Thank goodness we have you here to focus on what’s really important.

“I did not use the best phraseology that evening and I feel badly about that,” she said. “I feel badly the people in the room and the public had to hear that. I would not choose those words again.”

See a neurologist.

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Yep, got that. My comment was with respect to the ambiguous headline, where “anti-abortion” could refer to either the Dem Rep or the Primary Foe.

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Go for it, as long as we don’t lose the seat

Sounds like a super great district.

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