Discussion: Another CBS Colleague Doubts O'Reilly's War-Zone Claims: 'Absurd'

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Now let’s not be too tough on Bill. When he was in Buenos Aires he ordered his steak well done and it came out of the kitchen medium. It wasn’t all easy going in hotel cocktail lounges for our plucky war correspondent.


What a gift for Brian Williams, to have the spotlight turned on blowhard O’Reilly.
Of course this won’t hurt Bill’s career. Faux News journalists are expected to lie.


The sad truth is that Bill-O probably really does believe that he was in combat and that every other contemporaneous observer is now lying about it for nefarious reasons. That seems to be one of the job qualifications / personality traits that is necessary to survive and thrive at the GOP propaganda store (aka Fox ‘News’). Namely, in order to work there you have to be able to completely suspend disbelief in objective reality and completely buy into the alternate reality painted by those in the Fox bubble.


Whether the police fired into the crowd or over the heads of the crowd, how does covering a riot rise to the level of a war zone? He’s also made other claims about being in combat as well. That Pinhead should be toast, but Fox will cover for him.


We need to remember that Brian Williams is (was) a “serious reporter” and BillO is (was) just the “entertainment wing” of “Fox News”…


This could not have happened to a nicer more deserving prick.


This is hardly the first time Bill-O has been caught lying. Olbermann nailed him for his lies about playing football for Marist and his supposed try-out with the Mets. Politifact has a nice page full of O’Reilly lies. But he asked for this current scrutiny with his condemnation of Brian Williams. He should’ve had the common sense to steer clear of the Williams affair, but I guess it’s like TheHatter suggested in his post above. Bill-O probably believes these lies to be the truth. He’s a perfect example of a man getting so high on his own popularity that he believes he can make any claim and his sycophants will applaud.


It is a trademark of narcissism (and borderline personality disorder), often called “magical thinking.”


Now O’Lielly can be at war with 2 other networks. He’s been at war with NBC for years now he adds CBS to his enemies list.

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You leave Bill OhReally alone.


Someone should do a video like the “Leave Britney Alone” one.

Time for Roger Ailes to do the right thing and suspend without pay Bill-o the Clown for six months while their investigative team over at Faux Nooze faux investigates. This is an absolute travesty.

How will Faux ever recover and get its credibility back???

Hahahaha. I guess it is true that you can’t lose what you never had.


Does not work or play well with others. Fuck it, We’ll do it live!


"O’Reilly defended himself during Friday’s episode of “The O’Reilly Factor,” calling Mother Jones a “bottom-rung” publication with “low circulation.”

This might be a bit tangential, but isn’t it bizarre how Bill O’Reilly seems to think that ratings and circulation (essentially popularity) equals quality?


David Corn and his team keep nailing it over and over again. If they are the bottom rung of journalism in America O’Reilly wouldn’t survive the day if a “real journalist” got ahold of the story.

Actually David Corn and the folks at Mother Jones are some of the best journalists working. O’Reilly would do well to read Mother Jones to find out how real journalists do their job.


He has done that for years.

Ask Mitt about MJ!


Isn’t that the soft bigotry of low expectations?

NO self- RESPEcting cHUrrasqueRIO would send Out SteaK medium. Your lies about BILL Are transparent.