Discussion: Analysis: Low-Income Tenants Would Pay 20% More Each Year Under HUD Plan

What’s the problem? They’re getting back at least 40% more from the Great Tax Swindle, right? They’re still coming out ahead.


The photo of Carson perfectly expresses his overall sentiments about his duties, i.e. indifference and callousness.


What? I don’t see the problem. Clearly, minority Amurikkka needs to be punished for electing Obama and other democrats and thinking they can get reparations by living on hardworking white taxpayers’ money. Besides, there’s nothing real estate developers like Trump hate more than affordable housing requirements and regulations…well, maybe environmental laws…but you get my drift. Gotta empty some of these places out so they can be torn down and replaced with high-end condos…or hey, at the very least, use the gov’t power to jack up rents so that the income sheets look better for Trump and others to sell their stock of low income housing.


Rent for the poorest tenants in Baltimore, where Carson made history as a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital and where his own story of overcoming poverty inspired generations of children to dream of possibilities beyond the projects, could go up by 19 percent or $800 a year.

Seriously, AP? That sure sounds like a quote from a Carson press release. Any evidence to back it up?


Make the poor less poor by making them more poor. Got it.

Those poor people have been taking advantage of us for far too long! Look at them, with their food and their shelter. It’s disgusting. Enough!


Straight into Sean Hannity’s pockets…

It’s almost like all these poor folks haven’t even tried to become head of the EPA.


That’s some of the Christian love that shines through Ben Carson.


WTF? Are we going with the ‘only little people pay taxes’ or the let them eat cake meme??? Truly. What the hell is wrong with these people?


Rembember: they get, after all, a dining room table seating 12 persons, selected by Candy Carson personally.

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How many “generations” have come along to be inspired since the 66 year old Carson got his undergrad degree in 1973, his M.D. in 1977 and finished his residency in 1983? Maybe 1 generation to be so inspired?

I also bet that generations have been inspired by his autobiography, in which he lied about the colleges who wanted him so badly they offered scholarships …

From Wikipedia, with references to WaPo:

“In his autobiography, Carson said he had been offered a scholarship to West Point. Politico reported that West Point has no record of his ever seeking admission. The academy does not award scholarships to anyone;[77] cadets receive a free education and room and board in exchange for a commitment to serve in the military for at least five years after graduation.[77] Carson also said the University of Michigan had offered him a scholarship. His staff later said that the described scenario was similar to that of West Point, as he never actually applied for entry to the University of Michigan.[78]”


I’ve become a bit of a crank on this issue, but the land-value tax, implemented as we see in Denmark and more recently in Estonia, addresses this problem of affordability head-on by recovering all value gains conferred passively by public investment. Real estate developers have long known this, and spent over a century working to install politicians that won’t touch the issue. Perhaps the most famous example of this is London, which as a “Green Zone” for oligarchs and sheikhs, while the bulk of the population can no longer afford to live there. Without LVT all major cities drift toward unaffordability. Look at LA, New York or even Dallas. If you look at the Tories, especially under Cameron, it was forbidden even to utter the L word. In America, which invented the tax, most people will give you a blank stare, or say we already have property taxes.


Small words l, but they seems to apply to so much in this administration: these people are just plain mean, nasty, heartless and insensitive. Those are among the printable words.


Notice to TPM: AP articles are bad for your brand. @riverstreet gives one example of why they are bad. Here’s another:

Not all residents receiving housing assistance think HUD’s proposal is unfair.

The obligatory both-siderism. It could be one in two hundred who don’t think it is unfair, but AP will make sure to reserve space for the one.

AP will reserve space for both sides, even if one side is lying or crazy or totally clueless. Again, this article provides an example:

Shalonda Skinner, 29, has five children under the age of 11,
and pays just $9 to rent a flat two blocks from Morris. She’s lived
there six years, and styles hair on the side to earn about $160 each
month. She supplements her needs with food stamps, and intermittent
payments from her children’s father. If the rent were to go up she says, “I’d work more,” taking more clients and asking her family to watch her children.“I’m in favor of it,” she said of Carson’s policy.

“Housing helps a lot of people. It will probably put a good amount of
people out because some people don’t like to work, they’re not
independent. But it’s fair.”

She has housing and food for herself and five children while earning only $160/month, but she’s okay with rent increases that put some people out on the street, because they “don’t like to work” and are “not independent.” She’d work more if her rent went up, but a doubling of her rent would only require her to do an occasional extra styling and she would only be able to manage that extra work because she has family that will watch her children at no cost.

She hasn’t thought about how people are supposed to cover higher rents through more work if every hour of working and commuting means another hour of childcare cost. She hasn’t thought about the fairness of raising the rent on people who are already working by eliminating the deduction for childcare costs. She hasn’t thought about the fairness of saying “work more” to people who will see rent increases because the cost of medical care would no longer be deductible.

She hasn’t thought about the absurdity of Carson calling the rent increases “our attempt to give poor people a way out of poverty” when it takes money out of their pockets and creates a rent formula that acts as a tax on time spent working or getting an education.

Way to go, AP! Thanks for sharing, TPM!


It’s AP
No where do they question the statements made by republicans, they are taken as reasons. There is no reason, there is only casual cruelty.

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it’s so much fun to be poor, that’s not punishment enough

So poor people won’t be able to upgrade to the latest and greatest Iphone every year. Probably can’t eat steaks or drive Cadillacs either. What’s the big deal, they ask?

/obvious sarc is hopefully obvious

Next argument; separating immigrant children from their parents gives them a chance for a better life. “See how well the slaves’ children and descendants are doing today!” said Carson, while staring blankly at a spot of drool on his cuff, wondering where it came from.