Discussion: An Extremely Comprehensive Guide To House Judiciary's Investigation


well @tena,
what do you think? lol
it really is unbelievable that the whole Trump Mob still walks free.


Who needs Mueller? I keed!

I missed #55.

Peter Smith (Estate), deceased GOP operative who sought to obtain Clinton’s emails during the 2016 campaign (letter, document requests)


I’m so caught up in the daily details that i need articles like this. The scale, scope and breadth of the corruption and malfeasance really is stunning.


Wow. The list of summaries was too long for me to finish it.

A couple of thoughts: first, I expect a lot of this to be met with claims of Executive privilege. I suspect some of those claims are legitimate, although I also expect Trump’s claims to be laughably overbroad. No doubt it will end up before SCOTUS.

Second, there’s way too much here to be wrapped up in time to impeach before 2020. Trump’s criminality is staggering in scope. I hope Nadler & co have a plan for focusing on the threads that are the most promising and the most damning. Every day of Trump does incredible harm to people everywhere.

By every indication, the GOP was perfectly content to let all of this perfidy continue and expand, so long as they got their tax cuts and were able to subvert every department they could get their hands on. It was the cost of doing business.

Like how you’ll let criminals break into your home, steal the good dishes, rape your spouse, and sell your kids into bondage, as long as you finally get to set the thermostat to your preferred temperature.


Hot Tub Crime Machine.

Some may not like Sammy Davis, Jr.

But I do.




Disagree. Pick any three things. Impeach. Spend the rest of the decade sorting out the remainder.


I am exhausted just looking at the threads and the enormous scope. I am assuming that Nadler has staffed-up for this. The corruption is going to be exposed. Trump will regret the day he decided to run for POTS.


They seem to have left out investigations of Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s emails?


The only thing Nadler hasn’t requested are all his bathroom tweets during his Executive time on the porcelain throne.

When it rains it pours. Get used to it Yam-man. There’s a cornucopia of bad shit coming your way.


Two points:

  1. Maybe I missed it in these very long lists, but I don’t recall Ivanka on any of the lists. She was hired by the WH, wasn’t she? Even if not, she didn’t have anything to do with any of this that she could witness to? Even under the heading of gifts to her from foreign nationals that makes up one of the lists?

  2. One of my patients used to be a landscaper at one of Trump’s golf courses. I scanned the lists looking for his name, too, but I guess they missed him. Maybe they’ll get to him by the fifth round of questioning, some time in 2032.


Thanks for such a comprehensive, logical and oh-so-exhaustive explanation of all that the Judiciary Committee is seeking. What a list! And just the existence of the document requests, covering so many topics and so many individuals, shows how insidious the Trump organization/family/administration truly is


Nadler says there will be more. A document request for Ivanka may turn up in the near future.


WOW! The range of inquiries is truly breathtaking. This makes me wonder how the GOP on the HJC will attempt to obstruct from the inside. No way they go along quietly. Yet, they’ve been complicit in all of these misdeeds from the beginning. They cannot afford to let justice take its course, especially if led by Democrats. This will be a wild ride, for sure.


This is worth my money, TPM, Thanks and Kudos.


Yes, and I’d completely forgotten about some of this stuff. This tells me how meticulous the Dems have been in tracking each of these lines of inquiry.

Donnie Deutsch explained why PP was able to get away with this crime syndicate for so long. His business was such a small, family run branding operation that it just didn’t merit much attention from the feds or anyone else. He could’ve lived to be 100 and no one would’ve ever known a damn thing about his various schemes. But he’s such a blackhole of narcissism that he had to raise his profile and run for president. He had no concept of the kind of scrutiny that would bring. And now it may cost him everything. I tell ya, when it’s all said and done, nobody is going to accuse PP of being smart anymore because the dumbest thing he could’ve possibly done was run for president and win.


Excellent, thorough, and sobering reporting. Thank you, TPM.


All we need is proof of one instance where Trump pockets money as a result of his actions as President. Shouldn’t be too hard!


That’s right. Let him try to focus on a campaign, if he’s even the candidate, because we know he can’t deal with two opposing thoughts at one time. If he were to stay in office he’ll be hounded way beyond January 20, 2021.