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In what universe do they believe that this accomplishes anything other than reinforcing the durp?

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I’m not a scientist but I think it has to do with a series of tubes and they can get filled.


Since Republicans ignore facts to satisfy their global corporate agenda, you could make ones for #notaneconomist, #notaworker, #notforcivilrights, and more.


TedOphiles are being led to believe that intelligence and integrity

are diseases that need eradicating…

The effort is overwhelmingly ‘successful’…{{{sigh}}}


I think the intent is admirable but I would like to see charts of data interspersed with the false statements from pols, just to demonstrate how completely wrong they are. This ad just feels like preaching to the choir.


Gotta say this ad does nothing to address the ignorance of those on the right, since it only states what a lot of them already believe, thereby reinforcing their hardened attitudes about global warming. Belief is not Science. It does reinforce however what those of us on the left have been saying all along…but that’s just preaching to the choir.

What’s needed in an ad is to somehow be able to show how the consensus of the scientific community came about, how long we’ve been ignoring this threat while time is running out on some irreversible damage to the planet, and a way to refute those statements made by these opportunistic politicians. We need to educate the public on how these politicians are being willfully deceptive by showing the amount of money they get in contributions from the fossil fuel sector for their campaigns, which bars them from admitting the truth and makes them shills for that industry.

That’s a lot for one ad however…but its closer to what’s needed.


They wait too long to contrast what these dopes are saying with reality… it should be a quote, followed by proof that the quote is nonsense. Compare and contrast. This is just bad marketing.

Good to see we’re heading in the right direction though.


Ted Cruz is America’s kidney stone: irritating, painful, completely useless, and soon to pass from the body politic.


New Ted Cruz children’s book, ‘Fuck You Moon!’


And a bloody mess on the way out.


“Yeah” That whole carbon dioxide absorbs in the infra-red portion of the spectrum thing, like it says in my Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (Page F-199), That’s just wrong." Cruz continued, “I mean, its not like conservatives are subject to the same laws of physics and chemistry as liberals.”


To my mind, the strongest ad to sway the wavering folks in the middle is something like this:


Show a quote from some tobacco company bought and paid for organ saying “The connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer is not proven.” Then the voice over says “Millions gambled that the science was wrong. Many of those died young of lung cancer. Let’s not gamble with our planet’s future.”

The other thing I have found is effective is to say to sceptics, “OK, there is some chance the consensus is wrong”. (This is scientifically correct, since science deals with probability, not certainty). Should we gamble with our future or should we take prudent steps to reduce emissions? Even many sceptics see the logic of that. That of course means we can’t argue for radical measure to reduce carbon emissions to zero, but, quite honestly, that isn’t going to happen.


Sen. John McCain, Sen. David Vitter, Sen. Rand Paul, House Speaker John Boehner, Rep. Louie Gohmert , Florida Gov. Rick Scott , former Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz
In other words, the confluence of stupid and evil.


A Confederacy of ‘Evil’ Dunces.


Science doesn’t just deal with a singular aspect of probability…it deals with a systematic method of acquiring evidence over time, of which the accumulated knowledge becomes factually based, not assumptions based on a belief system that can’t be tested.

I like your first example of the tobacco companies (which might include their company leaders lying before Congress)…but that campaign to go after big tobacco and its associated illnesses were evidence based on sound science, not merely probability based with an inkling that we “believed” damage was being done to those that smoked. In other words…it could ultimately be proved by the evidence.

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I like what you’re saying and I’d throw one more idea in the mix: Images of Katrina and Sandy. Scientists say there’s no doubt climate change is making storms more powerful, and insurance companies are responding. And images of a city that wasn’t flooded that way for centuries past could work on the emotions. Most people don’t make decisions anything like rationally—there’s about a billion studies showing that—but if you scare their asses you can get them to move. I don’t think the Americans United for Change video is going to do much good.


Perhaps the ad should also point out that these politicians are dependent on the oil and coal industry for their campaign funds.

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What a bunch of friggin low brow fruit loops. Science is not an opinion.

My first reaction was the same as yours but on reflection I’m not so sure the ad is ineffective. 70% of the people are already with us on global warming. What needs to be changed is the willingness of people to vote for deniers and this ad leaves these politicians looking like the idiots they are.

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