Discussion: American Who Stopped French Train Gunman Released From Hospital

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Suspect? Charges ? Feel like I’m missing something here.

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Why don’t the press mention what happened that night? He and some friends, male and female, were jumped after leaving a gay bar in Sacramento.

Perhaps mentioning the situation would mean that the press would have to discuss domestic terrorism.


Or a hate crime perhaps …?

Once again, thanks commenters for the rest of the story. TPM is a co-op that thinks it’s a corp. Hmmm, very common situation actually.


I’m hoping this young man takes some time at home. He’s had his quota of narrow escapes.


More likely the prurient interest that he MIGHT be gay.


This was extensively reported in other media when it happened. It was “straight night” at the bar, and he was with a group of friends, male and female. As they left the bar, he saw a man punching a woman. When Stone attempted to intervene, a third man stabbed him. Both of the bad guys jumped in a car - with the woman- and fled. Law enforcement is investigating, but has not yet identified the perps.