Discussion: American Jews Object To Netanyahu's Alliance With Far-Right Ultranationalists

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“He obviously has some political calculation that drove him to it, but politics can’t dictate everything. You have to take into consideration all of the ramifications and all of the concerns,” Hoenlein said.

Though I’m curious about his '15 concerns , its Sunday, sooooooo

Hoenlein said, however, that the “ultimate decision” will be made by the Israeli public, which he said rejects extremism.


This isn’t too surprising for people who watched him cozy up to right wing governments & arm NeoNazi militias in Ukraine.


Sometimes it feels as if the whole world is in imminent danger of becoming nothing but a collection of extreme, authoritarian regimes. Be careful wealthy people, based on some models, it isn’t just we lowly types who end up in the gulags.


Netanyahu is beginning to look like a former leader in 1930’s Germany who shall remain nameless.


"Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said the alliance is “very disturbing’ to many American Jews.”

Yes. And the ocean is damp.

Disturbing? Disgraceful, disgusting, disheartening and yet not all that surprising. We can only hope–and I don’t hold out all that much hope–that this, taken with Netanyahu’s well-documented corruption–will alienate enough Israeli voters in the coming campaign (which will see much Trumpian racist demagoguery about the danger of Arab parties being brought into the government) to elect the new centrist alliance as the majority in the Knesset.

On the other hand, if one wants to see a bright side, this breaks another stereotype. The one about Jews being smart.


American Jews Object To Netanyahu’s Alliance With Far-Right Ultranationalists

…and lurking in the not-so-distant past, is Israeli alliance with Apartheid South Africa.

Here’s hoping J-Street among many will forge a Truth & Reconciliation truth telling; a progressive, universal human rights agenda, that’ll make the Jewish nation a model for a 21st century globe :globe_with_meridians:

…and counter Likud’s strongholds.


You just fucked up the whole conversation. Edited to add that there are lots of authoritarian, totalitarian maggots that you can properly compare Netanyahu with. But Hitler doesn’t work, and it doesn’t work even in the 1930s before the Holocaust occurred, because Hitler is more analogous to the Kahanist faction that Bibi now breathes life into. If you want to compare Israel to Nazi Germany, it’s your nickel, but at least be historically accurate.


They are just now figuring out that Netanyahu is an ideological, equally-corrupt version of Donald Trump? Better late than never, I suppose.


I don’t know, an alliance with the most despicable, far-right elements seems to have worked out for the Republican Party, no?


A bit late for such objections, I’m afraid. American Zionism has been extremist and far-right for decades, and in recent years has made common cause with far-right Christian fanatics and the Republican party. This situation is analogous to Lindsey Graham objecting to Trump’s friendship with the KKK.

Catching it from all sides:

“AIPAC to boycott ‘racist and reprehensible’ Kahanist party wooed by Netanyahu
Pro-Israel lobby joins AJC to decry the union of extremist ‘Otzma Yehudit’ — whose ‘views do not reflect Israel’s core values’ — with Jewish Home party, a move midwifed by PM”

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Funny how people forget that this is how it always was up until 30 years ago. Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Turkey all had fascist military dictatorships through the 70s. And they were on the “good” side, as half the world had communist states with a greater or lesser degree of totalitarianism.

It’d be nice if progress kept going forward, but it doesn’t. It is curious to reflect that Israel was once viewed as a beacon of freedom and democracy though.


The likes of Meir Kahane and his ultranationalist American Israeli followers engaged in numerous terrorist incidents here in the states in the 70’s and 80’s including the murder of a prominent Arab American in the Los Angeles area.
Kahane was so far out that a synagogue in of all places Howard Beach, Queens refused to host him plus he would get called out by pro Israel stalwarts like Ed Koch.
As a valid comparison Sinn Féin in Ireland have renounced terrorism before being part of the democratic process. The Kach Kahane related parties which include his son never have and are brought into the Likud coalition by Bibi.


Is that a movement devoted to my powerlessness, or just the powerlessness of some Jews?

We’ve just learned that in 1980 Spiro Agnew turned to the Saudis with an appeal for big money and resources to fight American Zionism because it was personally affecting the guy who’d been forced to resign the vice presidency.

“Since 1974, the Zionists have orchestrated a well-organized attack on me to use lawsuits to bleed me of my resources to continue my effort to inform the American people of their control of the media and other influential sectors of American society… I’ve taken every opportunity to speak out against the catastrophic U.S. Policies regarding Israel. This has spurred my Zionists enemies on to greater efforts. I need desperately your financial support so that I can continue to fight.”


Oh, those goddamned anti-Semitic American Jews! There they go spreading their hateful propaganda, just like Rep. Omar did!


As if.

And god I would give anything. I thought he was going to be hauled off in handcuffs.


There are 11 less powerful Jews in Pittsburgh than there once was.


Did you noticed that one of the organizations opposed to right wing Israeli parties is AIPAC?

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