Discussion: American Bar Association Joins Pile-On Of Pro-Nikki Haley Attack Ad

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Good to see the ABA is speaking out against this type of attack

Wish they had expressed this same sentiment to the Dems who helped block the confirmation of Debo Adegbile. :frowning:


It’s about time, ABA. Intimidation of defense counsel should be cause for disciplinary action – but I suppose none of the people involved in the ad are attorneys. As for “the ad doesn’t target defense lawyers, it targets Sheheen”, the ad targets Sheheen for his work as a defense lawyer. The two are inseparable in the ad.

Republican Governors Association Ad Attacks Candidate for Work as Criminal Defense Attorney

[Narrator, over ominous music:]

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln successfully defended William Armstrong against murder charges.

In 1859, he successfully defended Peachy Harrison, another accused murderer.

Abraham Lincoln protects criminals, not us.

Abraham Lincoln: Wrong for Illinois; wrong for America.

[Fade to black.]


With all Christie’s legal problems in the BridgeGate scandal, you’d think that he’d be all for the right to counsel for everyone.



And then there was that unsavory character John Adams, who defended British troops involved in the Boston massacre.


Why do Republicans hate the Constitution they purport to revere and want to undermine our entire system of justice?
There is nothing in politics so tedious as attacking an opponent for practicing law. The only thing that comes close is attacking them for missed votes.or “not reading the bill.”

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And don’t forget Ben Matlock as portrayed by NC native son Andy Griffith!

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Ah, but you forget one of the primary rules of Republicanism: rights for me, but not for thee.


This may go without saying, I guess, but it’s just another day in the reactionary campaign to strip legal protections from the less powerful, whilst preserving it for the rich and well connected. Non-specific hate on “lying lawyers” and especially tort reform are all propaganda weapons in the war on the poor.

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“Republicans should know, better than anyone, how important and necessary defense attorneys are.”

That’s what the Dem candidate should say.

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“ad doesn’t target defense lawyers, it targets Sheheen” …
…for his work as a DEFENSE LAWYER!

seems the right’s view is that it is tolerable for an attorney to defend the accused - just don’t ever run for public office - because in their eyes, the majority of the accused are guilty - and therefor defense attorneys essentially make a practice of consorting with people who might be criminals …

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If you read their earlier defense of the ad when the SCBA criticized them for it, they basically said “yes everyone deserves a defense lawyer, but you’re still a horrible person if you take a case defending someone accused of murder”.

The chickens are coming home to roost all over the place.

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Christie’s lawyers realize that this backfires against them for defending him with such an obvious conflict of interest and because they are defending an unsavory character in many eyes.

Christie can not lead the RGA with this attack and not realize how it boomerangs back directly at him.


We don’t need no stinkin’ due process!

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Oh, they need it, all right – they just don’t want anyone else to have it.

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Wow – I haven’t heard from them since “Dancing Queen” and “Fernando.”

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Not to mention Chief Justice Roberts defending a mass murderer…

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