Discussion: American Apparel Apologizes For Using Challenger Explosion Photo

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“… the social media editor, who was born after the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion…”

I believe the children are our future and it’s going to be grim.

Geez, they don’t even know what fireworks look like.


I thought this sort of tasteless dumbfnckery was supposed to end when they got rid of Dov Charney.


Yeah, next up: “I didn’t know the Third Reich meant the Nazis!”


It’s just an example of cultural illiteracy. I once stumbled on a “funny” advertisement that was using an image of a man who was unhappy about something (like the competitor’s product).

This friggin’ commenting system won’t let me post a link to it, but it was the well-known photo of a distraught Frenchman watching the victorious Nazis parade into Paris.

The youngster who put together the ad obviously did a simple image search, and didn’t recognize the picture. He had no idea why it wasn’t funny. To the advertiser’s credit, when I emailed them about it, they took down the ad within hours, and thanked me for the heads up.


I was not around when they bombed Hiroshima either, but I know it happened and never to use that image as an ad for sun screen.

Some things should never need explaining. 

I was born in '86, and that sure doesn’t look like fireworks to me.


Wait, what? How does something like that get through the approval process?

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They system has blocked your links to NYT because you have posted several links. It’s an anti-spam feature. PM me if it doesn’t clear up in a few days.


This and this Challenger explosion screw-up are priceless and so illustrative of cultural illiteracy now so common.


In this case, it’s blocking a link to an image file on my own domain. Since I’m a “new user,” it won’t let me post images. And as far as I can tell, the system won’t let me PM anyone, either.

So for how long is someone a “new user?” I posted on TPM for years under an old username, but the system doesn’t know that, of course.

I’m guessing the person who posted this photo probably doesn’t have an IQ exceeding 65 or 70. She’s probably in the job because she’ll accept $2.00 and hour. American Apparel really needs to re-think their public image.


Why would anyone believe that looks like fireworks?


Whoever put this up must have worked for FOX News or once they get fired can get a job with FOX News.


American Apparel, you are go for throttle up…

I know the image you’re talking about. I believe this is it:

“News” organizations don’t have real editors for most of their online content, so consumer product advertisers sure as heck don’t have an “approval process” for social media.

So that Jack-in-the-Box commercial where the “social media director” comments about Jack’s “wrist clock” was really more of a documentary.

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And when I find an image on the Internet it must obviously be free of context and copyright, so I can use it for all forms of corporate promotion without attribution, research or compensation to the owner. That’s the other takeaway, people.

The “original” Tumblr page doesn’t own the image EITHER. What was the designer’s intent in posting it? Altruistic historical journalism? He also appears to be peddling wares by use of the image that belongs to someone else, and he knows what the image is.

Oh come on. I was a year old when this happened but know what that picture is.