Discussion: Already A White House Liability, Kushner Became Radioactive This Week


It all stinks to high heaven of privileged arrogance, a history of intimidating, and the solid belief he’s better and smarter than everyone else in the room. In other words “too rich to fail.”

Well, he used to visit Daddy in jail, so he knows what to expect. And Daddy can return the favor.


The one thing this stupid reality TV show has been missing is a proper family feud. Let’s have it!


Oh, you are so right!!

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Next up: The Old Gipsy woman and the Curse…


The hand shovels that have been digging have run into occasional rocks, but now there appears to be a substrate of sand mixed with a fetid and foul smelling matter. We should get a hole about six feet deep, but it’ll have to be much, much wider.


This just cannot be true. I’ve heard from very reliable, anonymous sources, that Trump only hires the best people.


Radioactive? Rosenbergs rub off on him?


NBC reporting that a Russian-American lobbyist, former Soviet intel officer who still had links to Kremlin and Russian intel was also at the June 2016 meeting with Jr., Kushner, Manafort, and the Russian lawyer. If this is true - oh boy, it’s gonna be a fun Friday.


They already brought in the grouo to have a proyer ritual and lay habds on Trump. Given his past aversion to shaking hands, i wonder if his meds helped.


Going forward what scares/saddens me most is that there are people on the right who just don’t understand what the hell this means, then there are people on the right to do know what this means- but need Trump and Co to deliver their vision of American, but what worries me the most is that their are some on the left that seem to not care because Bernie didn’t win the primary and some how Hillary stole that from him.


And the House Republicans are protecting Kushner’s security clearance. Why?
Maybe it is that they think/know that his crooked voter targeting/tampering, helped by Russian hacking and paid for by the Mercers, was effective.
I heard a story on NPR earlier this week, saying that the conventional wisdom among Republican lawmakers (why they support Trump so much) is that he had something special that none of them did … any R Senate candidates who opposed him lost. Now one could think that this is b/c voters think Trump is Jesus 2.0 but what I wonder is whether these R Senate candidates were targeted by Kushner/Russian/RNC hacking/trolling? Maybe it wasn’t just Clinton…Maybe it was an effort to consolidate power.
And I believe that others were aware of this …Ryan, McConnell for sure. More crooked than “Crooked Hillary”. They have benefited from it too.
Which is why Kushner will keep his security clearance.
And when are the Mercers going to get swept into the Mueller investigation?
I think this is the real scandal…this voting thing. I think it is huge. The R’s have been tinkering w/ stealing elections for years but this is on a completely different level. It involves Russia but even leaving them out, it’s huge.


In WaPo this morning



I think most of us know/believe that Hillary won the election. I just hope that Mueller & team are able to be thorough in their work and that the press continues to be relentless in their investigations…the press stepping up is the one silver lining of all of this…

In the meantime, I hope that the Dems and those Independents and Republicans who oppose this administration can get our acts together…we are going to need to work together in a coordinated way to win in 2018. I think that there will be continued crookedness from the R’s and screwing w/ the voting system in various ways. So we will need to have enormous turnouts to make up for that.


We need all the traitors, collaborators and spies with the highest levels of security clearance that we can get in the White House and in government. We also need to give them access to covert, clandestine and encrypted communication channels so that they can more easily pass military secrets to Russia. We need to run the treason operation efficiently like a well-oiled corporation so that the Russians get the best bang for their ruble.


Ivanka is not political so it’s ok. She just wants to help women in developing countries start their own businesses. Of course she wants to continue selling shoes and dresses, but only so that people in China have jobs. I recommend that she consider opera singing or maybe starting her own line of salons, which is what regional daughters of rulers around her do. Does she have her own private jet? She really needs one… and I mean her own, without Jared.



I was thinking of that ad in this context yesterday!



Cuck Kushner and Ivank Trump are doing a fantastic job of leaking classified information from the White House.

In the next stage, Cuck Kushner and Ivank Trump should take a page from Cuck Kushner’s father’s playbook. They should keep plying Preshitident Anusmouth-Putindickholster with a steady supply of Russian pee-hookers, wrestling and Apprentice re-runs so that they can more completely take over the reins of political and economic power on behalf of the FSB. They should make tapes, of course – similar that the White House made of Comey – so that they can retain the power and influence.