Discussion: Alabama Teacher Of The Year Resigns After State Calls Her Unqualified

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Alabama has teachers ?


I know nothing of this specific event, but I’m betting she’s simply another good teacher that got fed up with the endless administration bullshit.


Say State Board of Education to any teacher in any state and you’ll get an eye-roll that would cripple Marty Feldman. They have a rulebook where most people have brains and none has been the adult in a classroom filled with students for years, if ever.
The strata of incompetence is so deep that her resignation is probably a last chance to save her job. This much negative publicity will alert the zombies at the top that a good teacher is being driven from the profession, and, much more importantly, their fraudulence is being revealed.


That’s why we need to get the government out of the school business, see? When the private sector runs the schools, everything will be awesome!


I think there’s probably a middle ground, like if you are going to be on a school board, you should have some experience in education. The lady running my hometown school board was a dietitian with RWNJ tendencies. It showed repeatedly and it was horrifying.


Err…what? I didn’t say anything about the government or privatizing public schools. I was talking about school administrations and school boards.

I think a few have misunderstood your post, but this the private sector.


It’s not the fault of public vs. private school, nor is it governmental interference , the fact is, Alabama does not want qualified teachers to teach their kids. They want the stupidist population in the country.


Actually her troubles started when she refused to post educational pictures in her classroom the State deemed necessary for a well rounded education:


I think that was snark.


I thought Alabama was ruled by Republicans who never got lost in mindless bureaucracy.


I’ve known many public school teachers. Nothing they do can penetrate the administration’s mindless BS. They’re in general impervious to reason. Self immolation on the school’s front lawn would be viewed as a nuisance fire hazard. “Quick, before the Fire Marshall notices, grab an extinguisher!!”


Not anymore apparently.

It’s so hard to tell sometimes

As anybody who has taught will tell you, the problem with teaching is not the students or the hard work, it’s the tyrannical administrators who alienate good teachers.


I was never a teacher but I have many years of experience working in the educational world, and one thing you notice is that people go into education because they like being in schools. As it happens, schools are among the more rule-oriented, regimented places to spend your day. And if find you don’t actually like teaching, administration begins to seem attractive. And in the end you sometimes have relatively petty bureaucrat rule-follower types in charge of the actual teachers. It’s not everywhere, and it varies from district to district and school to school. But it happens.


This is in some ways like the Kim Davis case to me. If you don’t want to follow the rules of the job, whether you think they help you do the job or not, leave. I’m a professional engineer and I have to take 15 hours of professional development hours every year to maintain it. Most of them are review and some don’t really help me that much, but hey I have to take them to keep my license. Just part of the job. If I disagree I can relinquish my license or try to get things changed for the better if I feel so compelled…


No doubt too good at her job and fair to all students regardless of skin color or religion.


There is a very long and valid list of reasons why schools and teachers should all follow one national standard, this is just one of them. If she has national certification, she doesn’t need to spend time and money on state or local.
Fifty different states with fifty different bureaucracies combined with hundreds of individual local school boards with entirely different curriculums makes a hodgepodged mess where there should be uniformed order. It’s not the teachers or the teacher unions responsible for that, it’s more right wing government meddling attempting to indoctrinate instead of educate.

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