Discussion: Alabama Lawmakers Seek To Make Almost All Abortions Felony-Level Crimes

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I’m picturing these yutzes excitedly calling up Jesus and telling him they have great news, they’re honoring his precious Name by making women carry their rapists’ babies to term, and Jesus coming out of his chair and dropping a few F-bombs into the phone asking them if they’d like to tell him just exactly where in the damn New Testament he said anything about that being a good idea. My Jesus tends to default to moneylender mode, I should add, although I guess that’s obvious.


They’re fucking fascists and they want women reduced to the level of baby factories and service implements.

What unmitigated god-drunk bastards they are.


Why do they get to control women’s bodies. Why are fetuses in the uterus automatically more important than the women who carry them no matter the wonan’s preferences or circumstances? And why are they more important than the children outside the womb whom the Republicans have no trouble separating from their parents, or depriving of aid, or failing to fund necessary healthcare or education?
Like so much of the GOP’s mindset, it’s all about control.


Because they hate and fear women, just as they hate and fear POC, the non-Christian world, science, difficult and ambiguous choices, and a complicated universe. They want a simplistic binary us-versus-them world with all of their centuries of privileged advantage unexamined and unthreatened. They will never waver from the unjustified conviction that they are and must remain superior.

It’s a waiting game. We have to try to preserve the planet and the Republic while waiting for them to die off.

Sorry for the anger. This is just a particularly egregious example of god-drunk white fascism.


Alabamans should make the lawmakers who voted yes on this bill personally liable for the litigation costs once it gets to court. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the legal bill for clearly unconstitutional legislation.


These bills are nuts. A form of hysteria. The same people screaming warnings about sharia law want to create it here.


I share the anger. My question was rhetorical. They have no respect for women in any capacity other than arm candy or acolytes.


I would gladly support this, and I’d love to see the discovery on this bill. The sponsoring legislator(s) would have to turn over any and all correspondence that produced this piece of shit legislation.

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Bunch of wusses. Just do it already! I’m sure the parade of women in handcuffs will play well all across the country…

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They really hate women in the Old Confederacy. I guess having been forced to give up one form of slavery, they are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to the other.


Isn’t that the plot of the Handmaiden’s Tale?


Alabama pols should get their priorities in order.

Alabama Has a Higher Infant Mortality Rate than Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Many Other Developing Countries

Newsweek 12/12/17

Among US states, only Mississippi has a higher infant mortality rate.

Infant mortality rate in the United States as of 2018, by state (deaths per 1,000 live births)


Duh. That’s why they’re forcing more women to deliver. Won’t save any dead babies, but will drop the overall mortality rate with more live births in the mix!

and you thought that “The Handmaids Tale” was just an apocryphal story…

To the Chrisitan Dominionists it’s a guide-book to future rule.


Thank god the unicorn mounted purity warriors didn’t fall for the silly scaremongering about the Supreme Court.

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Alabama lawmakers on Tuesday will introduce legislation to make it a felony to perform an abortion at any stage of pregnancy unless the mother’s health is in jeopardy. If enacted, it would be the most restrictive in the country and certain to be challenged in court.

TX is planning something similar. HB 2350 creates a civil penalty against physicians,

A person would be charged with a civil offense if a fetus dies or sustains bodily injury as a result of an abortion performed or attempted by the person.

The idea is to put it on the books sitting there unenforced in anticipation of Roe v Wade being overturned.

@matt_shuham I know a Dr here in Central Texas active on this issue if interested.

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The women in Georgia and Alabama ought to declare themselves available for extra marital fun, sit by the phone, record the booty calls and play them on the radio.That should rendere a few “tools” unusable.

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Which is particularly hilarious since the term “Hysteria” was coined to describe WOMEN who were not behaving “In a governable manner”.

While the word hysteria originates from the Greek word for uterus, hystera (ὑστέρα), the word itself is not an ancient one, and the term “hysterical suffocation” – meaning a feeling of heat and inability to breathe, was instead used in ancient Greek medicine. The Greeks believed that the uterus moves through a woman’s body, eventually strangling her and inducing disease. This suggests an entirely physical cause for the symptoms but, by linking them to the uterus, suggests that the disorder can only be found in women.

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