Discussion: Air Force General Resigns After 'Drunker Than 10,000 Indians' Comment

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I need a little context here. Maybe the photo showed them engaged in a drinking contest with 10,000 people from India.

Honestly, I think this guy should have been taken off the case and reprimanded. His resignation should not have been accepted. He should apologize, go and sin no more. Done.


Some people in the military actually try to own their mistakes and not blame someone else. There may be (and likely is) more to this that isn’t public as in previous mistakes. Otherwise it’s an abrupt end to a long career. At 34 years service he could retire any time he wanted I expect.

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Certainly not the way he would have wanted to go out - but … he’s about 55 with 34 years of service - is allowed to simply ‘resign’ - so get full pension & benefits … and probably starts a new job in a month or two - in a corner office with some defense contractor or consulting firm.


OH GOod grief. “THEy Looked DruNKer than 10,000 FIrst PEopLE.” THere. Fixed FOR LIbtard PC run aMOK!!!11!!1!!one!!!1!!!


Feather or Dot?

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That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. He gets his pension and bennies and goes on to the next phase of his career and no one needs to know about this - “unfortunate” - incident.

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Does anyone else think there’s more going on here than was reported? You’d have to know the rest of this guy’s history, and whether he saw this as a particularly opportune time to get out with full pension. (It’s likely that the gaffe put an end to his chances for promotion.)


Um, shouldn’t that be “drunker than an Indian who drank ten thousand shots of booze”? Same racist sentiment, but lots more logical.

Yeah. Something more must be going on. Not enough to resign about. He may have been ready to leave and this was just the last straw.

Fools! That’s the codeword for the invasion of Tejas!


You’d have to stand pretty far back to look at 10,000 Indians all at one time. Could you tell they were drunk from that distance?

Uh, I mean ‘fraternities.’. 10,000 FRATERNITIES!

That’s a lot funnier, right?

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Too safe; how about 10,000 sorority sisters?

I’ve got all these guns here – Whom do I give them to now?

“is allowed to simply ‘resign’ - so get full pension & benefits .”

What do you think should happen to him? Should he face General Court Martial and be dismissed from service with a Dishonorable Characterization of Service and lose his pension over a silly comment?

His chance to get out with a full pension? He is a two-star General so unless he has committed a serious violation of the USMCJ to the point that he would face General Court Martial with a conviction that would generate a Dishonorable Characterization of Service, he would retire eventually will his pension intact.

…he being the chief offender.

You’re right that the odds of his losing his pension were slim to none. My point was that at 30+ he’s already got the pension locked in, and now that his words have come to light he’s not going to be advancing to higher rank, so he might as well get going with the second career. And (as we’ve seen in the unraveling of the careers of various other Air Force brass) there is a possibility that detailed investigation of his record could uncover additional behaviors that would endanger his pension. By leaving now he avoids such scrutiny.

Please, unless they uncover something that would warrant a General Court Martial, for example murder, rape, embezzlement, etc… his pension would not be in jeopardy.