Discussion: Aides' Tactics For Dealing With Impulsive POTUS? Ignore Trump Twitter Announcements

It was never ever about Trump. Trump without enablers would have been removed from office on January 21, 2017. It is about Barr, McConnell, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Murdoch/FOX.



The Department of Justice is treating President Trump’s frequent Twitter posts as official statements, attorneys for the government wrote in a new federal court filing.

Justice Department lawyers qualified the president’s tweets in an eight-page submission entered in D.C. federal court Monday after U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta asked the government earlier this month for clarification concerning Mr. Trump’s Twitter musings.

“The Court has asked, broadly, about the official status of the President’s tweets … asking the parties to ‘provide insight on … the President’s tweets and what they are, how official they are, are they statements of the White House and the President,’ ” Justice Department attorneys wrote Monday citing a Nov. 2 status conference hearing.

***“In answer to the Court’s question, the government is treating the President’s statements*** to which plaintiffs point — whether by tweet, speech or interview — ***as official statements of the President of the United States,” the Justice Department responded.***



In short, White House aids know Trump is insane. Yet they all support him. These people are part of the problem, and not a solution.


Yet another example of how republicans are working to overthrow the government.

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Even that is confusing because as I understand it he has a personal account and an official potus account. So are they threading the needle here and claiming of course the potus’s tweets are official so they can also argue that his personal ones are just {insert excuse} and not to be taken literally. Idk

I do know I wish everyone would just ignore his tweets and stop reporting them like they are news.

If no one gave him twitter oxygen he would be forced to hold real press conferences, not the absurd rotor wash ones he does now and uses to claim he’s the most transparent potus in the history of the country.


He needs to stand closer to the rotor wash…


That would work except more people follow @realdonaldtrump as opposed to @POTUS, which is the official account of whoever is President.

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Doesn’t everybody?

Donald Trump lies all the time about everything to everyone on every channel.

I forgot who asked him, but Spicer was the first person who said that anything coming from that account was an official statement.

The DOJ admission came from a judge’s question during a Trump lawsuit.

That’s a continuing problem (ex: Cohn).


Funny. I do the same thing when my insane aunt yells awful things out of the attic window. But she is technically insane and locked up so as not to cause harm. Suggest that Repubs do the same now.

Perhaps the MSM can follow the example.

The rest of us, too.

We have way too much Trumpp in our heads and not enough “what should I be doing now to help Dems win tough races in 2020?”

Imagine going several days without any idea what Trumpp has tweeted or said in that time. Life would be much more pleasant.

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Really, is there anything more Republican than having it both ways?


They believe Trump is really John Galt though both are fictional.

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When I was in elementary school in Puerto Rico, the highest ranking active PR in the Army was a general. He was killed by walking into the propeller of the airplane from which he had just alighted at Isla Grande Airport, which was right next to the Navy Base in San Juan Harbor and right near the San Juan Lagoon (it is no longer a base, nor is Fort Brooke in Old San Juan).

From the 1965 date of death, and the Wikipedia article quoting a source for his death being by “accident involving an airplane,” I would guess it is this gentleman.

Everyone should stop mistaking all tweets for news.

So dealing with him like he’s a child.