Discussion: After Trump-Kim Summit Failure, Pompeo Says Nuclear Talks With NK Will Resume

He walked away because the Cohen hearings were what he was most concerned about, N. Korea can wait. He won’t care about N. Korea as things get more real for not being able to continue in the WH.


Sorry but Pompeo is as clueless as his boss. Hasn’t stood up to tRump once. He’s a full-fledged toadying disgrace.


In Real President Land, you hold the summit after the negotiating teams have reached an agreement both sides are willing to sign.

Because Trumpp himself is the Greatest Of All Time at dealmaking, he cuts through all those months and years of grinding at the problem and goes straight to win.

Yeah, I’m tired of it.


We waited for his predecessor Tillerson to realize how ineffectual he was and quit. Can’t we just fire this clown outright on the basis that WE realize how ineffectual he is?

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he he … yeah …

the biggest of the biggies runs over to shove the little guy around a bit …
Kind of a David and Goliath thing in donnie’s fragile mind —

This about sums it up for me …

Let’s see NK de-nuking failed, China tariffs failed, border wall failing, Obama care replacement failed.

Only thing Donald’s gotten done is tax cut, and low income Rs are finding out that’s fucking them over. I bet they will soon start hoping Donald gets impeached.

Need to shove Donald’s nose deep into this shit, very deep.

I really want to blame Pompeo and the state department for holding a second dramatic rose ceremony but I have a feeling the state dept knew they weren’t ready for another go, that no agreement was even close to being negotiated, but Trump announced the summit because he needed a party to make him feel better about the shutdown debacle, and they were forced to go along. No one with ANY diplomatic experience would have set this up.

Gosh! How do I get back there?

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