Discussion: After Tenant Complaints, Trump-Branded Buildings Being Renamed

Add the Toronto Trump building to the list of “we don’t want to have anything to do with this guy” sites.

And the new building in Vancouver where his name has already been nixed before it even opens.

It’s as if his “brand” has taken a hit. Now if we could only remove his name from the country we’d be “cooking with gas.”

Brian Dumont, a wealth manager who has lived in his Trump Place apartment for four years, said the petition drive gained momentum after neighbors became increasingly embarrassed explaining to fellow New Yorkers that they lived in Trump buildings.

“You know how it is in New York, everyone asks you where you live,” he said. “And we found ourselves just recoiling.”

I feel the same way about being an American. In fact, more than when Shrubya was co-President, a humiliation I didn’t think possible.