Discussion: After Liberal Pushback, House Dems Delay Vote On Omar, Anti-Semitism

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Circular firing squad found to be bad idea. Wow.


Pelosi should get this monumental idiocy off the front pages.


Stop allowing Republicans to set your agenda.


One little delay, two little delays, and then maybe it disappears.


How is Rep. Omar saying stupid shit the fault or responsibility of Republicans?

No matter how you choose to look at this issue (whether you blame Omar or Pelosi), this is entirely a Democratic own-goal.

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It is not the Republicans setting the agenda on this.

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The Republicans were screaming the loudest. The same ones who are anti-Muslim.


Maybe she had people like Sheldon Adelson in mind. https://www.timesofisrael.com/adelson-set-to-give-over-100-million-to-israel-supporting-trump/

In any case there will be incessant attempts from many quarters to cause division and animosity within the Democratic caucus. And to scare off any more moderate Republicans thinking of voting with them.


DIM censure is only for white folks… POC, especially women are 3rd class at best and therefore ineligible for any consideration. When all those screaming about antisemitism also condemn remarks meant to belittle, etc POC, women, etc maybe I’ll listen until then they are hypocritical azzholes.


she suggested pro-Israel advocates have an “allegiance to a foreign country,”

Sad to see TPM embrace this effort to repeat a lie enough times that it becomes “truth”.

Omar said that the pressure on her to support making it illegal to boycott Israel’s apartheidism felt to her like being asked to have a dual allegiance. Any feelings a black women who wears hijab might express are never going to be given full consideration or reported honestly but I’m still disappointed in TPM for this.


Censuring Omar is what the GOP demanded be done and Dem leadership responded by doing it.


I want the resolution to include language accusing Canadians of being a security risk… OH and how about lifting the tariffs?

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A couple of questions:

  1. Why wasn’t the resolution written originally to object to all forms of religious bigotry? Or at least to anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, which are the two most prominent in the nation now.

  2. Why is this a matter for debate?


Omar’s comments over the weekend — when she suggested pro-Israel advocates have an “allegiance to a foreign country,”

At least get what she said right:

“I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee.”

She was referring to multiple GOP requests to have her removed from the Foreign Affairs committee and/or censured by congress for statements that were obviously not antisemitic, in context. He was expressing her honest views about the State of Israel, not Jewish people. These actions by Democratic Leadership in response to the GOP’s hypocritical whining were wholly inappropriate and only served to prove her point.

Paul Waldman had an excellent Op-Ed on the Washington Post’s site yesterday (3/5) about this.


Also these are the same Republicans that use Soros has a whipping boy, paid protesters, and paid crisis actors. Then there’s the whole immigrants don’t assimilate thingy.


What, exactly, is the monumental idiocy?

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This was a failure of leadership from the start.


Thank God the Democrats aren’t all sheep. Although it gets difficult sometimes we DO have to stand for what we believe and ONE of those tenets is FREE SPEECH…especially when it’s not clear it IS hateful.


It was specified (somewhat) in the comment to which I responded: