Discussion: After Indictment, Menendez Is Replaced As Top Dem On Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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Not to worry. Sheldon and Bibi have a deep bench.


I have a guess at the next conspiracy theory to come out of conservative Obama Derangement Syndrome. My guess is they’re going to claim the Justice Department is going after Menendez because of his opposition to Obama’s negotiations with Iran and Cuba. I can’t pretend to be broken up about the prospect of losing Menendez, but the notion should be seen as silly on its face. First, the indictment seems pretty substantial. I don’t claim to know if there really is a quid pro quo or just two buddies doing favors for each other, and these buddies happen to be rich in one case and a senator in the other, but it’s clear these aren’t baseless allegations. Second, Menedez’s replacement will be appointed by a Republican governor, so losing Menendez, much as he’s no prize, does mean flipping the seat. So no, it makes no sense that Democrats would seek some bogus grounds to remove him.

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They’re already saying that. Hell, there are some people that post on this site that have already been echoing this same sentiment.

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Good to see him gone.

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He’s a crook. Good riddance.