Discussion: After Ebola, Can The CDC Earn Back Our Trust?

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The CDC lost our trust?

When did this occur, when a private hospital didn’t follow procedures and someone was infected which in no way was the fault of the CDC?


Yes, and “Thanks Obama!”


The CDC has been proved correct in just about everything it did and said related to the Ebola outbreak. Not that you’d know that, listening to much of the media reporting at the time.

It’s a damn dirty shame that the CDC, and public health officials generally, have gotten a bum rap out of this, and the hair-on-fire shriekers suffer no consequences whatsoever.


"Last fall, CDC officials were slow and inconsistent in responding when Ebola-infected travelers arrived in the United States. "

Seriously? The CDC had standards in place, only one person contracted Ebola in this country and that was because of poor hospital protocols, and the only issues were with panic largely created by Republicans like Rick Perry and Chris Christie attacking President Obama and the CDC for endangering the American public.

There was no outbreak, the situation is getting under control in Liberia and other African countries in no small measure thanks to the Obama administration’s actions, and on review everything the CDC and administration did seems to have turned out well.

This is the problem with modern politics, especially on the left. The Democrats do just about everything correctly, the Republicans slam them for small problems and try to sow fear and distrust, and then the media – even progressive outlets like TPM – cover it as if it were a controversy that the Democrats are either responsible for creating or responsible to fix.


Agree with the other commenters: unless you can point to something that the CDC did wrong, suggesting that we replace the CDC director is complete nonsense.


The entire article is a hot mess.


Rick Perry cured Ebola.

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After a fatuous article like this can professors at the University of Louisville School of Medicine gain back my trust?


Why is TPM publishing some yokel’s OPINION piece ?



The CDC did as much as they could, when they like any other organization that deals with research and education in this ignoramus climate of lies, propaganda and fear. Their greatest challenge is to do their jobs while working under severe budget cuts.

I would say my trust in the CDC has not wavered, however my trust in the general public’s critical thinking processes is nonexistent. The inability of the public to be able to see the extremism of the GOPTP, Fox New’s pure propaganda and the ravaging of our education system for what it is, dumbing down the citizens so that they will not recognize the oppression by the same groups.

The overwhelming tendency of the general media to repeat the nonsense of the left without even a pretense of investigation of questioning is another major area where the damage to public support is strong.

I think Professor Rothstein, himself, is not seeing the problem or the danger of a runaway propaganda machine like Fox and the weak willed media who are totally dependent on profit focused large corporations who own the airways and newspapers.


Lost our trust? Literally zero Americans died. Maybe 2 were infected here? I trust the CDC more than most dumbfu&k Americans any day.


I’d post something, but everything has pretty much been said by the above. I’ll just add that the Scholars Strategy Network can regain my trust by dumping this guy.


Who knew that a mid-term election that favored republicans was gonna be the cure for the Ebola “outbreak?” I don’t think I heard one peep about this latest manufactured crisis after voting-Tuesday.

I bet O’Reilly’s writing in Killing Obama now about how he was sequestered for 21 days - because he read about that nurse.


“Mark A. Rothstein is a professor at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and a member of the Scholars Strategy Network.”
“Since 1942, the average tenure of a CDC director has been only about four years.”
The first 8 directors of CDC average tenure was 2.6 years, of the next (and most recent) 8 was 5.9 years.
I’m glad Mr. Rothstein is not teaching statistics.

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I’m with you … dumbest headline TPM has had in awhile … and that’s no small statement!


If you failed to notice how the Fox was the first to wax hysterical, then the “real” news outlets waxed hysterical, and ever new incremental increase in the hysteria started at Fox and then, lo and behold, the hysteria went poof like a soap bubble the day after the midterm elections, you’re starting from a false premise about what was really going on here.

we aren’t just a bunch of people with a hammer seeing every problem as a nail. The real public health crisis in this country is a mental health crisis generated by an industry that has addicted millions to fear and profits both financially and politically from keeping them afraid.


Considering rational thinking and rational reacting Americans never lost trust in the CDC then yes, “earning it back” should be easy. Oh, look, it’s already done!

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The CDC has never lost “our” trust! What are you talking about! Politicians, especially, the stupidity of Christie; some celebrity doctors, the stupidity of Nancy Synderman - now these people have lost any credibility. But, the CDC no. And, if the media would really just “stop it” and understand how great the CDC is and report the good that its people do, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


The CDC lost our trust after years of campaigning by conservatives to undermine respect for science in this nation. We have become a nation of imbeciles, thanks to these selfish pricks.