Discussion: After Dissing Oscars, Trump Selflessly Offers To Host 2016 Ceremony

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Not surprising. He thinks he’s the perfect choice for everything. President, CEO, TV Show Host, Oscar Host, Supreme Court Justice, etc. And can he ever make a facial expression like he isn’t in the middle of a really painful bowel movement?


They should totally take him up on this.


Let me know when Donald Trump has a suggestion for improving things that doesn’t involve paying more attention to Donald Trump.


I thought Rudy was desperate for attention but then along comes Trump. What an egomaniac. He is so desperate for attention. What a media whore he truly is.


When it comes to Trump TPM is like those of us who can’t refrain from responding to an obvious troll.


Funny thing is that if they actually offered him the spot - he would not do it because he would be paranoid that he would fail… but if he failed - he would blame everyone else … and if he did do it - he would be so ridiculously bland and unfunny that he would be a huge flop.

Well, I always did think they should bring back throwing rotten vegetables at horrible stage acts.

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Conservatives don’t do well at comedy because a big part of it involves empathy, and the ability to actually understand people who aren’t like you in order to emphasize differences and make them seem absurd. So their attempts come off as petty and mean-spirited. Being charismatic, likeable, and funny is a big part of hosting any awards show. Trump is none of these.

On the other hand, if they asked George W. Bush to host an awards show I think he would excel at it, ironically.


All humor is based in pain, however. Jokes are always aimed at either your own, or someone/thing else’s pain, embarrassment, stupidity, etc. Its one of the paradoxes of human behavior and one of the reasons I suspect aliens will recoil from first contact with us in horror. We really are a pretty sadistic species.

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I nominate Victoria Jackson. She’d make an awesome conservative host for next year’s award show.


They like bland, though. What they don’t want is a host that is pushing a divisive agenda (and anybody talking politics the whole time is going to be pushing a divisive agenda, regardless of which side of the aisle).

But hosting isn’t what Trump wants. He wants to select the actual winners, Only white males with movies championing the 1%.

And bankrupting hotels.

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To paraphrase Don Lemon, “What a Dick in a Box.”

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I’d buy a ticket to watch Victoria Jackson host. It would be worth the price of admission. But they would probably go with Ben Stein or some other relentlessly smug and boring dip stick.

If Clint Eastwood hosted would there be a lot of empty chairs in the house?

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I shudder when I recall that Trump wanted to buy the Cleveland Indians in the 1980s.

He’d be perfect for it. The whole thing is a vomitous romp through deeply disturbing, self-aggrandizing narcissism and flagrant wasting and flaunting of excessive wealth…not to mention Amurikan society’s literal array of collective mental illnesses. I can think of nobody better or more boring and ugly to go with the “boring, ugly sets”…not to mention the disgusting, fawning media orgy that greases these walking personifications of self-centered greed.

How can I know if I didn’t watch it, you ask? Sure, you’d have to pump me so full of Klonopin to make me sit in the same room as it that my breathing would stop…but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m about here. If you haven’t figured out how disgusting the Oscars are by now, then you probably wouldn’t mind eating from a dumpster or engaging in a little 2g1c yourself “just to see what it’s like.”

Well, it finally happened. Hell has frozen over. I agree with Mr. Trump. Given what the broadcast has become he would make the perfect host. FIRE Robin Roberts. The Donald for the Pre-Oscar Show!!!

Donald Trump must have the tiniest dick in the state of New York.