Discussion: Aetna Downgrades ACA Exchange Participation From 15 States To 4

From 2012 to 2015, Aetna’s revenue and before tax income both increased 18% per year, and after tax income increased 13% per year. For the top five publically traded insurers (United Health, Anthem, Aetna, Humana, Cigna) the combined increases are 12%, 8.6%, and 3.8%. And Anthem wants to buy Cigna, Aetna wants to buy Humana.

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Help me out here, someone who knows stuff: wasn’t this what risk corridors were designed to help with? And weren’t they labeled a “bail out” and repealed (in a Rubio amendment)? And weren’t these risk corridors used, without controversy, in Bush’s Medicare reform a few years earlier?

“Aetna has said it has been swamped with higher than expected costs, particularly from pricey specialty drugs.” Costs --> Revenues for our huge health care industry. Short of an independent audit of the whole “industry”, fingering the ACA could merely cover for darker business and political strategies. There’s been so many bipartisan compromises in its design, followed by R congressional abuse and dysfunction, how could we expect anything more of ACA’s function?

That Aetna is covering some care for 838,000 people attests to hard work by ACA stakeholders nationwide who serve health over wealth. Imagine where we’d be without all the wrenches in the works…