Discussion: Admin Blocked Publication Of Water Contamination Report Over Fear Of PR 'Nightmare'

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So…government sites are poisoning our water and the government is covering that up.

Forget contacting your member of Congress- the spineless GOP quislings will do NOTHING to save America.

Run for office. Register people to vote. Get to the polls.



"…We (DoD and EPA) cannot seem to get ATSDR to realize the potential public relations nightmare this is going to be.

Sounds like a cover up.


Meanwhile, the guy at the top is a globetrotting tourist except when he is renting rooms at cut rate prices from lobbyists. No wonder he’s paranoid and employs bodyguards 24/7. Asshole.


Ahhhh…so all those poisoned by contaminated water are just so much collateral damage? Meanwhile, we spend $500 million on advertising for Wilbur Ross and we build bomb shelters for Pruitt and the fan damily of Trumpsters flies around in first class? WTF is wrong with this picture???


Fucking bastards are a danger to every person on earth. VOTE THEM OUT. Pennsylvania posters, I’ll see you at the polls TODAY.


So the EPA’s new role under drump is to suppress reports about environmental contamination even from other agency’s rather then to make and publish those reports and do something about them.


As I said the other day, Noam Chomsky says the Republican Party of the US is the most dangerous organization on Earth.


BTW we discovered last night that the US flag “campaign ribbon” Pruitt is wearing in the photo is available on Amazon. They make great gifts for your Republican friends who couldn’t enlist in the Army.


Donny says leakers are “cowards and traitors (who don’t exist).

Sometimes the leakers are honorable people doing a great public service. This is one of those cases.

Oh, and a Trump Organization project got $500 million from China at the same time Donny tweets that we need to protect Chinese jobs by lifting sanctions against a Chinese company that illegally sold US technology to Iran and North Korea. I’d like to see some more leaks about that.


Trump’s Executive Order…February 28, 2017. By the stroke of a pen, tRump eliminated rules and regulations that protect all of America’s waterways through the Clean Water Act of 1972. The rules were being challenged by some of the country’s worst pollution offenders, and tRump merely nixed the entire process.

Trump also allowed pesticides that are known carcinogens to be used that had been banned. Insane.


These people don’t have frank, hard-headed problem-solving in their DNA. They sweep problems under the rug like third-rate used-car dealers. Just a bunch of chiseling con-persons.

ETA I’m getting ready to go out and vote for Chrissy Houlahan for Congress, an Air Force vet trained as an engineer. Science and facts and truth, baby, that’s what we’re about. Problem-solving the way rational adults do it because FUCK THIS SHIT.

P.S. I would have done the video better than this gang but what can you do. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Water ?
Nothing wrong with the water here


Here’s another emolument that hasn’t been widely reported:

His golf course in Scotland has lost money every year its been open too, but it hasn’t stopped tRump from finding a way to pull in our tax dollars to use towards it somehow. These conflicts of interests with tRump never end.

Btw, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the new water rules tRump granted polluters back in February '17 are golf course owners who no longer have to follow a variety of environmental rules protecting the land as well as waterways, including maintaining natural wetlands.


What’s one more “PR Nightmare” among so many?

These people are evil.


The report notes some of the contaminated water sites are adjacent to Defense Department facilities and may represent a danger to DoD personnel. It would be too much to ask for Jim Mattis to publicly demand release of the report, you know, in the interest of protecting the troops and their families.


What we don’t know won’t hurt… oh. Never mind.


Read the full article if you haven’t already. At this point it looks like human extinction may very well come about from self poisoning.


They are adjacent because its the military doing the contamination in the first place. For the military It is about firefighting foam that they use, and use often for training etc. You can google it and find a few articles talking about the issue.

The implication of the story is that it is the DOD facilities that are largely responsible for the pollution. Not unusual (i.e., Area 51 environmental contamination cases).