Discussion: Adelson Is Tired Of Giving Money To Outside Groups So He May Start His Own

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Ah yes, MiserableHatefulOldBastardPAC.

Been waiting for that to come to life.


I wonder if he ever considers that anyone who embraces his philosophy is simply to unpalatable to the majority of Americans to be able to win?


It’s pretty clear from the quote that it isn’t someone who embraces his philosophy, he wants to pick someone who embraces the philosophy of winning.

“He’s very focused on picking someone who can win, He wants to ensure whatever candidate he gets behind reflects that philosophy and can win the general election.”

“anyone who embraces his philosophy is simply too unpalatable to the majority of Americans.”

Too bad that supposed “majority of Americans” doesn’t get off its ass and vote more often than once every four years.

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So Shelly, just buy Israel, start charging the Arabs rent and when they can’t meet your slum lord prices, just evict them. Oh wait, never mind.


He wants to give money to a candidate that can win. So why did he give millions of dollars to Newt Gingrich?
God, I hope that Mitt runs again.


Mr. Adelson other overriding interest is his own wallet. He rails against the president’s “socialist-style economy” and redistribution of wealth, but what he really fears is President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on companies like his that make a huge amount of money overseas. Ninety percent of the earnings of his company, The Las Vegas Sands Corporations, comes from hotels and properties in Singapore and Macau.
He is a perfect conduit for foreign money to buy a share of our election. He is a terrorist, and the bombs he throws are made of money.


Can you imagine the look on Mr. Neutron’s face in 2012 when he looked at his cel and saw he had another call from Sheldon?

Soooooo…having Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich kiss your butt isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Seems like the trouble is with Adelson’s picks not with his PACs.


Exactly, so his answer is to get his bad judgement more directly involved.

He’s a rich guy. I’m pretty sure the idea that people don’t share his point of view doesn’t ever enter his mind.

And of course, you know he’s surrounded by sycophants who reinforce that all day, every day.

There’s plenty of suckers among the 0.1% too, Jaba the Gut is just one among many.

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while staying true to our principles

Principles? what principles?

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I guess being fellated by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Nah, this is his: LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME…I spend millions and no one talks about me!

Tired of backing the same ol’ losers, Shel?

It has taken Sheldon over four years to realize that Karl Rove is a worthless gas bag. With intelligence like that how did this guy get rich?

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Adelson Tired Of Being G®ifted; Sets Up Own G®ift Shop.


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Home is where the heart is, Sheldon.

Why are you still here?