Discussion: Activist Mckesson Arrested As Cities Protest Police Violence

McKesson was walking alongside Airline Highway when he was arrested. It was not immediately clear what prompted Mckesson’s arrest.

Walking while black?

BLM has the status quo shitting their undies.


Glad to see that in most cases there was no violence.
That has to be the benchmark-- non-violent protest.




According to eyewitnesses among the protesters, the police kept ordering them onto the sidewalk – except there wasn’t a sidewalk. They were on the shoulder of the road, out of the traffic lane.

The PD will make up something to charge him with (failure to follow instructions of an officer, etc.), but the bottom line is, the Baton Rouge PD wanted to show they’re still in charge.

Same as it ever was.


I get the vague feeling often times that white people hold protests where there are higher proportion of black folk to a higher standard. You can have Cliven/Ammon Bundy types hold their demonstrations with flags and guns, and no one says anything. Yes, people can think the spectacle (particularly those holding the guns) is stupid, but none of these groups are ever harassed by police. And remember, these groups are often decrying the alleged tyranny of the federal government and such, practically advocating violent overthrow.

But protests made up of a lot of black folk? White people want them to behave better. We demand non-violence to the point where black bodies be open and accepting of any violence done to them. So they’re greeted by police in riot gear with lots of weapons. White people have a checklist that they expect to be satisfied when black people protest so they can breathe a sigh of relief and Tweet/blog their approval. And more people are arrested. I don’t know of any pro-NRA or 2nd Amendment absolutists ever getting arrested on the order of black people, and the former are always carrying weapons.


Sadly, you’ve got lots of excellent points there, sonsofares.


More good points. And what’s the white officer behind the black one doing?

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‘BLM has the status quo shitting their undies.’ - Seriously doubt it very much…

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Regarding the Cliven Bundy/BLM standoff and the Waco bike gang gathering that ended up in shootings. The police were aware of these events developing and assembled to observe. The Waco thing apparently was legal, but ripe for violence. In Nevada, the number of gun nuts were so large that the police couldn’t respond within getting themselves killed. It would be interesting to see how police would respond to a large gathering of Black citizens legally carrying at an event.

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