Discussion: ACLU: Fed Gov't Not Giving Promised Notice As Immigrant Families Reunited

I just want to point out that this deliberate cruelty was carried out at some point by those “just doing their jobs” ICE agents, the ones we are supposed to be thinking of while tut-tutting the calls to abolish the agency.

Obviously someone is laughing about thumbing their nose at the court; at the fact that not a single one of the reunifications included the kind of heads-up to lawyers and care organizations that was pledged by the agency and that was in any case a matter of bare human decency. I’m sure you could follow the responsibility trail up the bureaucratic ladder all the way to some vague hand-waving of Trump’s to “make them suffer”, but that’s not the point. The people who abandoned these women and children alone, with nothing, with no one, with no resources and no assistance, committed deliberate acts of cruelty

Sorry folks, I’m just about done with thinking there’s a good Nazi in there. At some point those low-level ICE workers need to privilege humanity over their jobs.

So yeah, this agency has lately showed nothing but cruelty and incompetence. Whatever you want to call it, reorganization or restructuring or reassigning or whatever, ICE needs to go.


And of course they are following up on these “Robbery conviction” and “Wanted by El Salvador” cases to make sure they don’t just have the wrong person, same name. Right?


Not to mention…wanted by your country of origin on bogus charges is on of the reasons people seek asylum, no?


I agree with this. There should come a point where a person placed in this position can no longer keep doing something that is illegal, immoral or inhuman. I’m not sure abolishing ICE will solve this, but something has to happen.


Masha Gessen (I think) advised those stuck in an authoritarian regime “if you cannot be brave, at least be kind”

I too originally thought that calls to abolish ICE were overkill. However. This agency cannot follow a court order. It cannot ensure that it exercises its authority with constitutional bounds. It has not even demonstrated that it provided its staff with properly formulated policies and lawful orders. And now it appears not a goddamn one of its front line employees can muster basic human decency.

This is an agency that is rotten top to bottom. new senior managers will not fix this. ICE to be abolished, its responsibilities handed over to another agency and everyone of its employees needs to go back through the hiring and training process-the ones that don’t wind up in prison that is.


Didn’t the judge recently say he was satisfied with the progress because “we are all rowing in the same direction” or something like it?

You might want to take a hard reevaluation of that, judge.


“The ACLU also said it hadn’t received any “independent verification” of the families ICE claimed had been reunited.”

We do not know any of these reunifications happened until they are verified.

Good times.


“Well, judge, we dropped those kids and parents off at bus stations in the same city; I’m sure they’ll find each other eventually. Wait, ok, maybe not the same city, but the same state. We think. Or maybe one or the other was in Tijuana. But anyway we can’t be held accountable for all the extra paperwork it would take to keep track. So maybe just go ahead and let us keep deporting them? Then it’s definitely not our problem anymore!”


So. much. anger.


Again at every opportunity to do something to make America look worse they do it.

Putin smiles.


And I’m sure there will be some newly elected Congress folk that can investigate this straight to the horse’s ass. I believe those folk will have a D after their, the D standing Damn Straight I Will Get To The Bottom/Top of This!


Maybe he is following Dalton’s advice in Roadhouse: “I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.” and then I hope he goes all Maximus " At my signal unlease Hell".

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Right now, ICE are extra-legal government paid thugs, doing Orange Adolf’s bidding. I have heard not one single agent speak up against this brown shirt terrorism.

ICE needs to be abolished, and a new, humane agency created in its wake.

The January Congress sure will need a lot of coffee boys! I hope Papdopolous, Flynn, Manafort and Stone are available.

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The elephant in the room: Give a heads up to date, time, location of even one reunion, is an opportunity for photos, videos, interviews, analysis. Why in the world would any government official or agency think that’s a good thing? With that in mind, should Americans have one ounce of sympathy for those involved at any level of our government’s crimes against humanity?


Not even the elephant, really, unless of course you are referring to the classic symbol of the GOP.

That’s the thing. If there are “privacy concerns” just don’t do it at a bus station. Lawyers and aid organizations are perfectly capable of protecting the privacy of these families while still providing them assistance. They don’t want their clients walking around with targets on their backs and the whole world knowing what they look like and where they are living.

Ice delaying media scrutiny for a few hours accomplishes nothing but cruelty and indifference to anyone’s interests except their own. It like the classic method of successful kidnappers dropping off the ransomed victims in some abandoned warehouse district, telling them to count to a hundred before taking off the blindfold and finding themselves god knows where with no shoes.