Discussion: A Year After Maria, Puerto Rican Kidney Patients Fear Death

What does it matter to the Great Orange Pretender and his gang of paskudnyaks in Congress? Puerto Rican Kidneys have no Electoral Votes.
I don’t say this lightly, but the Constitution needs to be amended to give Puerto Rico, the USVI and the Pacific trust territories (including Guam) the three Electoral votes each (minimum) given to any other state. It would not be statehood, but it would be equal representation under the Constitution. The fact that politicians have “gamed” the system with the economies of these Islands is concerned is one of the evilest and most sicking shortfalls of a bad government. Now its killing people. If the same people were from Indiana, you couldn’t sleep at night for the howling these same useless political hacks would be raising.

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The conscience, the humanity, and the money have all gone into tax cuts for the wealthy and concern for their bank accounts.

Thanks, Republicans.

I don’t know if that’s true anymore. I think today’s GOP would rate tax cuts higher than helping their own constituents under any circumstance, even disaster - as I expect we’ll see in the coming months and years in North and South Carolina, particularly in areas that aren’t majority white.