Discussion: A Majority Of Americans Say Hillary's Explanation For Private Email Not Enough

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A majority of Americans probably still believe that the Clintons did something illegal having to do with their investment in the Whitewater Development Corporation. I guess the fact that those charges were bogus and that it’s known that the (NYT/Jeff Gerth) reporting on it was faulty wasn’t enough either.


Well, a majority of Americans can’t even be bothered to go to the polls to vote for candidates that represent their own policy interests so I’m sure they will get over this at some point.We know the wingers will be pounding on it instead of actually getting things done in DC over the next 18 months.It’s the new Benghazi.

That is exactly how they roll. Because it works.
What people hear: “Blah blah blah HILLARY CLINTON SCANDAL blah blah…”,
Plus it sucks the air out of any other coverage of her.
Most Americans are low-information everything.
Dear God, I don’t know if I can bear to live through the stupidity of '90’s politics again.


" A larger majority, 57 percent, said they would be proud if Clinton became president."

It seems Maher ’ s assessment may be correct.


Flog that horse.


What’s the poll’s MARGIN OF ERROR?

Oh, according to the CNN article it’s +/- 3% –
You know how margins of error work, right? Also - it’s probably info worthy of noting in the article (cnn did it - and they set the bar low).

What a weird article here TPM. Not sure what’s going on - especially with that headline. It’s like you’re on-purpose doing exactly what Bill Maher is belittling you for.

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with so many positive-for-Clinton data points in that very same poll, says more aboout the author and TPM that this is the one they emblazoned on their front page.


Throwing this lukewarm nothingburger in the micrwave isn’t gonna make it any less of a nothingburger, TPM.


Over half…lessee…if you were looking at restaurant reviews and over half didn’t like it…would you go?

A nothingburger would not register with public opinion…over half? Not nothing!!!

So how are you gonna change it? Denial…ie…calling it a nothing burger?

Never has been an effective strategy.

A majority of Americans, unlike me, has not looked at the State Department guidelines which specifically say that an employee can use their own judgement in deciding what emails to keep. That was the policy in effect when she was SOS.


I wonder how the question in the poll was asked. Even asking the question about the e-mails would lead to a negative answer. Why would a person be asked about e-mail issue unless something is wrong, questionable or illegal.

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Oh, noes! Scary Hillary used private email and is STILL up in the polls! Whatevah shall we do?

And of course CNN polled every American . Polls can say what you want them to say .

See JasonsRobot’s post above you.

The margin of error could go EITHER way. Regardless, even if it is 3 points lower, that is a LOT of folks who don’t think Hillary’s explanation is adequate…

Not a nothing burger. Wish it were, really!