Discussion: 7 Years Later, Blackwater Guards Go On Trial

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Sp these War Criminals will finally - after more than a decade - come to some justice?

With any luck it will also bankrupt their Satanic leader, Erik Prince.


Erik is no longer involved with the company per the article: “Formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, the company is under new ownership, is based in Virginia and Prince is no longer affiliated with it. The company was sold to a group of investors who changed the name to Academi.”

Oh like changing the party name from Republicans to Tea Party changes the culture. You must be the only one who thinks that.

They’ll get off. That’s how the U.S. rolls. The empire is always innocent.

These people were mercenaries. They deserve no sympathy.

The wheels of justice grind ever so slowly.

Let’s hope they grind exceedingly fine.