Discussion: 7 Current, Former San Francisco Officers Charged in Sex Scandal

None of the people charged were “San Francisco officers”. Five Oakland, one Livermore, one Contra Costa County.


Alameda County and the City of Oakland are the entities. San Francisco is in San Francisco County. There’s more to come.


This is a very bizarre story. The young woman they had sex with is the daughter of an Oakland PD dispatcher.

San Francisco is not Alameda County… where are your editing skills?

I think we’re seeing a real-world example of the deep truth expressed by that famous Saul Steinberg cartoon about the way New Yorkers see the rest of the country. There’s the West Side, and then there’s the Hudson, and then there’s New Jersey, and then there’s, umm, Wyoming, and Chicago is in there somewhere, and then there’s San Angeles or Los Francisco or something, who cares, they’re all the same.

San Francisco. Oakland. Two very different places.

Please edit the story to reflect the above comments regarding SF Bay Area geography. Oakland is definitely not in San Francisco. With that said, the SFPD has plenty of corruption of its own to answer for, but they don’t need any of the OPD’s malfeasance to be piled on top of it.

Yes, please don’t slime the SF PD. Oakland is across the bay from San Francisco. Different county, different city, different police department. It is just like putting up a picture of a NYPD badge and talking about “New York Officers Charged in Sex Scandal” when the officers were from Newark, NJ.

In that context, I’ll forgive west-coast geographical errors if they were made by native-born New Yorkers, like Chris Christie or Joe Lieberman.

The photo with this is also incorrect. Serious editorial boo boo

This is more proof that our police departments need to be policed as well!