Discussion: 6 Witnesses Back Up Former People Magazine Writer's Trump Claims

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Like I need to say the magazine’s a powerhouse in hair salons and barber shops or that I like a solid punch.


Just six? Pish posh. What does Donald’s weird British friend (haha. just kidding. Trump has no friends) have to say about it?


I would guess he’s swamped with pole-axed Conservatives needing a boytoy pick-me-up?


While I suspect Trump does remember this incident, or at least his attempt to have an affair with this writer, since they had numerous interactions prior to the incident itself, in general I do believe he doesn’t remember other specific women and their allegations, primarily because his actions weren’t directed to them as individuals but rather at them as women who are there for one and one purpose only. They have no names, and probably no faces, to him. They are objects. He wanted them at that moment in time, so he took…and promptly forgot them.


Call in the Special Prosecutor. He couldn’t even wait to become POTUS before he solicited an affair. And he’s still lying about it. We need at least 4 years of a special congressional investigation into this matter, costing tax payers millions and millions of dollars, all resulting in the impeachment of the Former Candidate and Loser Donald Trump. Republicans simply cannot idly stand aside while a male President, or a Presidential Candidate is caught lying about solicitous sex outside of his marriage. I demand a Congressional investigation!!!


They’re just Grand Theft Auto programmatic female-shaped things to him.


So not only is Trump lying, they got Melania to lie too?

She better be careful because it seems everyone in Trump’s orbit except for him takes a hit. Latest example- Billie Bush.


Idunno. Maybe he remembers, maybe he doesn’t. So many women, such short fingers. And one of the things that makes pathological liars like Donald so convincing to the rubes is that – for the time it takes him to tell a lie – he may even believe it himself. So if he convinces himself it didn’t happen, it’s gone.

The only thin he has a long memory for is grudges.


One thing this clears up is whether Melania’s a damn liar or not. She’s a damn liar.


So, Melania, will you now produce a credible friend to counter Stoynoff’s friend who was right there with the two of you when your paths crossed? Come clean, Melania – a large book deal is likely awaiting you, one larger than your pre-nup agreement. To quote TOG, “What have you got to lose?”


I’m beginning to think that there just may be something to this Trump sexual assault story.


Liza Herz told People. “And what struck me most was that Melania was carrying a child and wearing heels.”

Don’t most women wear high heels to accent their shapely legs in the third trimester? I’m sure my mom did.


Clearly, these witnesses are all in Crooked Hillary’s pocket. No other conclusions may be drawn.


And it continues:


But he denies it, and sociopaths always tell the truth.


I interpreted “carrying a child,” as “holding one.” On the other hand, heels are usually flattering.

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“It’s possible he just doesn’t remember it,” Stoynoff said to People. “It was over 10 years ago and I assume I am one of many, many women.

Boom! Her account was entirely believable from the get-go, but it´s swell to have it corroborated (thanks, @kitty ) from the night it happened to the meeting Melania on the street. I understand why she wouldn´t have wanted to come forward, both because of her concerns for the new mother, and for the expected blow back. And who ever could have guessed that he´d end up the Republican nominee for President?


No, she was still pregnant.

… because Melania Trump was pregnant at the time of the alleged incident.

Forty percent of voters are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to learn that some people have good manners. Heads are exploding!


So, Drumpf, there are the witnesses you claim don’t exist. Just another pebble in the landslide of lies you dish out every day. It’s so satisfying to watch as HRC delivers your shriveled sack to you on one of your gold-plated chargers. The Circus Peanut’s epic fail.