Discussion: 6 Cities Competing For 2016 Democratic Convention

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Phoenix? In August or September? You got to be kidding.


Phoenix makes the most sense strategically.

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Why not Chicago? Never mind the gunfire.

Phoenix or Ohio - either is good strategically.


The AP wrote this? It’s so fucking clunky.


Arizonans would say “But it’s dry heat and it’s cooler at night”, so from a weather standpoint and as a former New Yorker. I think New York makes more sense as it will be in the mid 80s in August. But I can’t figure out what that mob scene represents.

This is a bit disheartening.
I’m actually in KCMO and would love to have the Rethuglicans spend their money in my area.
But I think they’re going to pick Cleveland. And that would make it difficult for us Democrats to pick Columbus (or Cleveland).
Same state D/R conventions aren’t THAT rare ('32 - Chicago; '44 - Chicago; '48 - Philadelphia; and '72 - Miami Beach) - but still …
Time will tell - and I’m rooting for an Ohio Dem convention.

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But do you want to hold a convention in a city and state where
open-carry, concealed carry, and crazy ranting are the order of the day?

That was my first thought.

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National political conventions tend to drum up local support.
Therefore, they should be held in swing states, where such momentum could do the party some good.
Ergo: Columbus or Cleveland.


My preference would be Columbus whose metro area is rapidly becoming the jewel of Ohio. Much more to the area these days than its former nickname, “cowtown”. BTW, I reside in the Columbus metro area.

To me the choice is as obvious as Paul Ryan’s Big-Honker…that would be the BIG APPLE, New York IS Hillary’s kind of town.

Birmingham??? Let me say it again with feeling BIRMINGHAM???
Now that would be something to see

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