Discussion: 55 Schools Face Sexual Assault Investigation

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Here’s a list of the 55 schools that most stories don’t enumerate for God knows what reason since journalism at its core is listing…
FYI-Considering the mockery the state of Kentucky recieves in comments on this site it is worth noting no college or university from this state is listed.


I actually find it kind of shocking that UK isn’t there.

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From the HuffPo story:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Justice Department will implement and evaluate sexual assault prevention strategies, including a program used by the University of New Hampshire and University of Kentucky to get bystanders involved in speaking out or intervening when someone is at risk of being assaulted.”

From this I would assume UK had past issues but made an effort…

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The real issue is not violence it is BEHAVIOR. If young women were taught what there natural role is, to dress and behave modestly under Dad’s authority, and find a husband, these attacks wouldn’t happen. No provoking, no attack.

I really hope that’s just really terrible snark and that you’re not actually serious.

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Oh he’s serious…I was just wondering if it was worth addressing this idiot’s spew but I’d rather talk with you and talk around and past this goof as if he wasn’t there, you know like evolution is doing.


That makes sense. So many of these arrogant, rich, entitled, little brats from small towns get to UK and then proceed to drink their faces off. It’s good to see they’re being aggressive in addressing past problems, but I’m not surprised it was an issue.

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Sock puppet account is banned.

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They right wing really are regressing at an alarming rate. I bet he blames sexually abused children for being too “sexy”.

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What’s revolting is how, regardless of politics, certain members of the alleged journalism/media community are presently assisting the haters in obscuring, soft-pedaling the hate while masking their own organizations’ very recent (last 20 years) checkered histories in similar matters racial and sexual…

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So where’s the link to the list? Students and parents deserve to know.

Update: Oh I see I can find it in comments. But I can’t see comments when I get the box in which to comment. Wierd.

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Yeah, I’ve been noticing it’s easier to go into the full comments page on some articles.


A lot of private schools on this list. That does make perverse sense. Who would want to pay out the wazoo to send a daughter to a school where she is likely to get raped? Keeping it quiet helps the bottom line. Can’t help but wonder if the President is so concerned because he has two daughters nearing college age.

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I’m sure having these two stunning daughters (my gosh, can we talk about how drop dead gorgeous those girls are becoming? Those two adorable little girls have been replaced by two super models.) who will be going off to college in just a few short years. Shoot, Malia may be off to college next year. Wow, that makes me feel old.

This “epidemic of rape” meme has all the earmarks of urban folklore The media and those talking about it are treating this as established fact.

I know I’m going to be attacked as a misogynist, woman hater, war-on-woman guy, but I have to ask for some hard evidence to support the allegation that there is, in fact, an epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses.

Why do I ask? Decades ago when I was in college there was an “epidemic of rape on campus”. We’re talking decades ago.

And students from other colleges told the same story. Ask any college kid of any generation and he/she will tell you that there is epidemic of rape on their campus.

Ask for evidence and you were told that the campus police and administration were covering it up to prevent panic.

To my mind, one sexual assault is one too many. I have a daughter, granddaughter and I have nieces in college. Certainly campus police and college administrations should take all reasonable efforts to protect women’s dorms from stalkers or men who don’t belong there.

As I said, epidemic of rape meme has all the earmarks of urban folklore. Does rape occur? Does rape occur too often? Once is too often. And when it does the perpetrator should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Question is: Is the any more sexual assault than in previous generations. If so, what’s the evidence to support this?

I can’t give you numbers. But I can tell you that colleges and universities today are extremely conscious of their “rankings” by various magazines, educational groups, etc. That is because these rankings affect the bottom line - how many students and parents are willing to pay their high tuition costs. Unfortunately, this causes administrators to look for ways to cover up statistics which would be unfavorable, whether that is reports of sexual assault, crime on campus, or suicide attempts, These issues need to be exposed, so students can seek help and acknowledge the issues they face. So even if the rape statistics are similar to decades ago, we as a society (parents, educators, students) need to deal with them NOW.

What no USMA no Navel or Air Force Acadamy’s?

I don’t have numbers either. I suspect nobody has hard numbers.
But you’re saying it’s a marketing/PR issue and not an effort to ameliorate or reduce any kind of crime on campuses, not just sexual crimes.
On a common sense basis, one can say that urban campuses probably carry more risk of all kinds of crime.