Discussion: 5 Points On The Political Climate Surrounding Missouri GOP Guv Candidate's Suicide

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The true crime is that the people that did this are going to get elected because it’s Missouri and they have -R after their name.


¨Hancock has since denied making any anti-Semitic remarks about Schweich, although he acknowledged that he may have told someone off-hand that Schweich was Jewish.¨

¨And I might have off-handily said that Obama is Muslim, and off-handily said that Hillary is a Lesbian, and off-handily said that McCain had fathered a black child. But I’m not anti-Muslim, a homophobe, or a racist. I just off-handily say stuff, sometimes, in the hope that it animates the homophobe, racist, and anti-semitic Republican base and operatives. That doesn’t make me a bad guy, does it?¨


Little to say, the story is one that should be front page of every newspaper in the United States. It combines all of the elements characteristic of today’s GOP: money, lies, anti-antisemitism, and guns. Any republican willing to stand up corruption in today’s politics has a very short half-life.


Interesting that the Missouri definition for ethics is accepting no more than 25% of your campaign contributions from a single donor.


“…death last week remained a mystery even as the state’s political establishment prepared to pay its respects…”

For the sake of our most cherished, most deeply held religious values, this political establishment shouldn’t be allowed within 50 miles of a church.

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Is it that big a deal in this day and age that someone is Jewish? I understand the secret muslim slurs. But aren’t Republican Christians BFFs with Jews. That’s what we’re constantly told, that we love and adore Israel, and have to protect it with our lives. I mean they’re calling for the hanging of the entire Black caucus for not attending Bibi’s speech. What’s the downside in being Jewish?


Well, I see you’re not aware of remarks made by “Reverend” John Hagee.

A very dangerous anti-Semite. Hagee wants to finish what Hitler started.

And this anti-Semite is Bibi’s BFF!


Wow, there’s really almost nothing there. In a typical political race a lot more than this is said and done. Basically the guy was a thin-skinned, paranoid Republican who was obsessed with what people thought of him, and crumbled that anyone, anywhere would think he was Jewish. Stick to numbers crunching if you can’t handle the rough and tumble of being around nasty Republicans, I guess.


Redundant. Almost everything that’s coming out of the right wing these days is nasty, mean-spirited, punitive, and vindictive. The G.O.P. is the party of “the haters.”


I wouldn’t say that. The existence of Israel plays a vital role in the fundies’ Revelation-fueled fantasies of the world ending. But as far as I know, they have no special regard for Jewish people as individuals and I don’t think a whispering campaign that you’re really Jewish would do you a lot of good among Missouri Republicans.


For me, the crucial point about those offhanded remarks and whether they mattered in the tiny world of statewide donors and operatives is that the news was getting back to Schweich. If it had really just been offhand remarks (yeah, right, that’s the kind of thing you mention in an offhand way), no one would have said anything about it. Maybe at some point “You know how crazy Hancock is, he’s trying to smear you by saying you’r jewish.” But it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

And on the one hand we can say this proves Schwiech had pre-existing mental health issues and wasn’t ready for the rough-and-tumble of a serious statewide political campaign. But he’d already been elected to statewide office and, by all accounts, performed it competently. So let’s turn it around, and take a good look at the expectation that party politics have become a blood sport, where if you’re just a little too weak the stress and the attacks will drive you into the grave. Makes the economic side of social darwinism seem positively benign.

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He was in a party of liars and anti-everybody. He should have known as a matter of practice that they would lie about him and spread some sort of anti-ethnic smears. Why did this surprise him?


And that is why we will never have a Jewish president. I’m Jewish and the fact that it’s supposed to be shameful to be Jewish makes me want to vomit. All Jews in Missouri, be careful or you might get a cross on your lawn.

Shumaker’s law license was suspended back in 2011 after he allegedly violated “rules of professional conduct.”

An attorney’s license to practice isn’t suspended for alleged violations of the state’s rules of professional conduct. An attorney’s license is only suspended after a full hearing, with witnesses and evidence and a vote of the state’s attorney ethics board finding that the violations did, in fact, occur.

The man’s violations are detailed at the link: he swindled a client. No need to dance around it.


What he may not have been able to handle is that he belonged to a party where his opponents thought it worth their while to call him Jewish when he was not and that the party members in MO were prejudiced enough that this would damage his campaign. Put another way, he was forced to face the fact that that he belonged to and was promoting a party of bigots.

Among the canards such bigots believe is the claim that our support of Israel indicates that Jews have too much influence.

And as a general rule, an attorney really has to work hard to get suspended.

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Please somebody tell me why he was motivated to commit suicide 10 minutes after calling a press availability.

Apparently he was threatening to run a hard hitting anti-corruption campaign. Corruption is the hallmark of the ethics free Republican party in Missouri. A lot of people could have seen their livelihoods threatened. There were a lot of local Republican lobbyists, politicians and money people who might have wanted to see him dead.

It is much easier to make sense of his death as a murder than it is as a suicide.


“dizzying series of lies”

The Screw Me State…


How long before someone cooks up a Vince Foster-esque conspiracy theory that involves a plot by Hillary Clinton to steal Missouri’s 11 electoral votes in 2016?

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