Discussion: 5 Points On The GOP Megadonor Trump Picked For Education Secretary


He’s “draining the swamp” and filling his Cabinet with the runoff. Delightful.


I have no problem with charter schools, vouchers, the whole thing. Really. Just keep your $%^@ing hands off the public’s money. Want a charter school? Cool. Go fund it yourself with Amway money and Koch Buck$. Otherwise, it’s just a huge grift.


“Her brother, Erik Prince, is the ex-Navy SEAL who founded the private security firm Blackwater, which was embroiled in controversy over its involvement in the Iraq War.”

Well that’s putting it mildly.


So, privatize public schools, privatize Medicare, and privatize Social Security. Did I miss any other privatization scam? Except for the military that’s nearly the whole pie. It’s a grifter’s paradise. Trillions just waiting to be gobbled up by the top 1% of the 1%.


Here’s just one red-state example of how the grift works…

Arizona offers a tax credit for donations to schools:

  • The private-school tax credit is $1,070.
  • The public-school tax credit is only $400.

Cui bono?

Corporations and megachurches (but I repeat myself) hell bent to get their snouts in the public trough.

Of course, it’s total coincidence they’re clubbing to death urban (read: “blah”) districts to pay for it.

Move along everybody: No racial-resentment-whipped-by-GOP-corporatists to see here.


She’s Erik Prince’s brother?! Good grief, that doesn’t bode well given Trump how proud Trump is of jamming his family into every aspect of his administration. War with Iran here we come.


There’s also privitizing infrastructure building – giveaways to private companies in the name of “infrastructure.”

They say Trump has declined to “pivot” since the election – but he has, toward the same-old, same-old Republican agenda. Will his followers who wanted to blow up the establishment in the name of radical change be alarmed, or will they even notice?


If they had any valid studies indicating vouchers were effective, I could forgive them. But this is a faith-based effort. All the valid research points to zero to very tiny benefit to those who get vouchers, whereas the decrease in public school funding hurts those left behind.


I wonder if all those working class Michiganders who voted for Trump are ready to see their tax dollars funding private schools and right-wing indoctrination efforts.


Progressives, meanwhile, warned that her selection was dangerous for public education and pointed to other controversial causes, including anti-LGBT initiatives and anti-abortion measures, that DeVos and her family have supported.

Fiddler calls the tune


To the point where they had to change the name to XE, and now again, Academi. Like we’re not paying attention.


If we can’t beat them, progressive non-profits need to be ready to join them, get out there and start up first rate charter and voucher accepting schools in poor areas, so right wing options and failed public schools are not the only thing available to poor families.


What does P.T. Trump do? Hang out a sign?

Only sociopaths apply.


You forgot Point #6: DeVos is a graduate of Trump University and already announced that she intends to use it as a model for her planned changes to our public schools.


Those urban districts are mostly comprised of brown people, so of course the GOP couldn’t care less. The GOP are reverse Robin Hoods.


all of these people are being appointed because they all plan to use their positions for personal gain.
THAT is the open secret they all are sharing.
hell…trump is not even trying to hide it…my guess the grifter family will walk away with 10s of billions of dollars…unless something like a forced resignation…which is not as crazy as it sounds…comes about.
and i am STILL waiting for someone in the democrat party to stand up!

on 2nd thought no need to be concerned…obama assured us the guy about to make his 8 years totally meaningless…is no ideologue.


It is one big Oligarchy! Finally we get send all our public money to the very few! Yippee

I wonder why not do away with the IRS and send our money directly to?


As a long-time educator and NEA member, I believe that I am entitled to say that I hope this appointment finally gets the two big teacher together. I know they do in some states, but neither union needs a top-heavy job entitlement program for directors, lobbyists, and general staffers at a time when they both need to go to the mattresses, stop competing with each other for members and t.v. space, and get to work on organizing and educating. Also, the individual members need to put their bag of resentments, political party loyalties, and preferments behind them and-with their leaders- focus on one clear goal: the preservation of public education in the United States.


See Erik Prince, mentioned above.