Discussion: 5 Points On How The New O'Care Repeal CBO Score Squeezes The Senate


“A 64-year-old at 175 percent of the poverty level who lives in a non-waiver state will pay eight times more in net premiums than under the current law.”

No. He will not. I think we know the reason.


Not sure I do. Please enlighten me.

The turtle man has to find his thinking cap quickly!

This obsessive and fundamentalist-like jihad against the healthcare system by the Republican party becomes more and more breathtaking to behold. Their end game has clearly become about total control and unchecked power because “it’s just all gonna come crashing down” and we need to be in charge when that happens, damn-it-all-to-hell.

A GOP candidate body slamming a journalist from the U.K. in a Montana congressional race due to a CBO report is a sick, dangerous and totally out of control escalation of our political climate.

And we know who we have to thank for that.


I don’t know the reason. As I am 63 I am interested in the reason.

He won’t pay because he won’t be able to afford it. That person will end up with no insurance at all.


Got it.

On the Newshour last night they had an example of a 21yo currently paying $1700/yr for coverage would see the premium cut to $1200/yr. Contrast that with a 60+ person paying $1700/yr now, would end up at $13600/yr.


This doesn’t tell the Republicans that read the law, few I imagine, any thing they didn’t already know. The rest just assume it fucks people over, particularly the po’ folks. Seems like it basically takes things back to pre Obama care levels and maybe worse for medicaid folks.


I thought it was pretty obvious. He won’t be able to afford insurance, will do without healthcare, and die faster. That’s really what the GOP plan amounts to.


Kids should have a bake sale to earn their way towards Bible Camp. Not to buy the Pastor a new kidney.


Giving illness the freedom to run its course.


Them poors , shit out of luck.

Interesting side note.
On NPR they were saying how they had revived the economy in Pittsburgh after the collapse of steel by making it a Medical Destination , pouring money into hospitals, medical schools and infrastructure .
They said that Medicaid, Medicare and Insurance payments actually act as a stimulus on the economy there and that any cutbacks will cause layoffs and other recessions .
Which goes to the point , any government money eventually finds it’s way back into the economy in the form of stimulus


I think he davcbr is implying that the 64 y o person will not be having insurance at 8x costs, will instead opt for bankruptcy or death over starvation/homelessness


CBO Confirms That the Republican Health Care Bill Is Still a Garbage Dump of Bad Ideas


Any older American Trump voter deserves the worst.

Especially when Trump comes after Medicare too.

One of the things the CBO analysis glosses over is the change in the anticipated population of insured people. They anticipate (perhaps wrongly) millions more young people getting insurance (even though there are no penalties any more) to partly counterbalance the millions of older people who will be uninsured.

But as far as national public health goes, an uninsured person in their 20s is not exactly equivalent to an uninsured person in their 50s or early 60s.

Btw, I already heard some assh*le on NPR blathering about how medicare was going bankrupt in 15 years. That’s next on the target list.


On the other hand since all SSDI & food stamps are going to be taken away, he might not even need medical care at all.


As demented as the granny-starving GOP truly is, I just cannot imagine this terrible bill becoming a law while looking anything like this.

There is no place as ideologically corrupt as the current US House of Representatives, and even there it passed with only one vote to spare! This is going nowhere, and Mitch McConnell will hopefully face a tsunami of pain in Kentucky if Democrats can get organized (big if) to demagogue this to death!