Discussion: 5 Points On How Americans View Hillary Clinton

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#6 Hillary is not batshit crazy. She doesn’t pander to the bottom feeders, religious freaks, conspiracy theory spreaders, the racists, the bigots, those who would drag the country back to the 10th century, those afraid of tomorrow because they have no clue how to or the will to fix anything, She believes government can work and should - not make sure it fails and then say, well there you go. Her wingnut opponents are incapable of rational thought and would do little with their quid pro dough than their masters bidding. And most importantly her choice for SCOTUS would certainly be in the best interest of the people, not big money. The best thing that ever happened to her is Bernie Sanders challenging her. Bill dragged the Democratic party to the right. Hillary will now have to drag it back to the left. I will help.


1077 adults + online access only = worthless numbers.


A majority … believe she used a private address to shield her emails from transparency laws and that they think she should turn her server over to a third party for further investigation.

  • That “majority” could be made up of all Reps and a sliver of Dems. The former won’t vote for her no matter what. Of the latter, some even most may not vote, and any or most that do are unlikely to treat this as critical; IOW it’s very like squishy.

  • Getting the server won’t resolve any squishiness. Depending on the server’s current condition, experts might recover meta-data, but not content. They MIGHT get some content but what they get may not have any value; the erasure process typically renders content recovery a potshot. Plus, horror of horrors, there may not be anything of any objective value. This doesn’t go anywhere.

At the same time, the public is split over whether her email usage is a significant issue for her presidential aspirations

Squishy construction on top of a squishy foundation is not exactly a sound thing for her opponents to rely on in moving the minority of squishy votes.

I wish there was somebody else. … She always has a problem.

Obama had lots of problems in 2008, and lots more in 2012. Bill Clinton had lots of problems 1992, and lots more in 1996. Perfectly problem free candidates don’t exist.


Yes but she panders to the banks and the warmongers. Take your pick, the crazies or the oppressors. And she will not “drag” the Democratic Party back to the left. That’s not going to happen.

Yeah! Hillary is not perfect, but she is Democratic Republican Light, and has proven herself to be a representative of the corporate people over We the People.

I felt like I was watching Fox. I was being told what to think and who to think it about.
If this is what there is after 20 years of publicly examining Hillary, it ain’t much.

That said, I’m glad Bernie will be in her face every step of the way and maybe he’ll even beat her.