Discussion: 3-Year-Old Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself While Mom Napped

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5 kids under age 5 and you think the couple was “napping”?


I was just going to comment on that as well. Who sleeps in the daytime when you have five little kids awake and playing in the home? Who leaves a loaded gun around with 5 little kids in the home? I’m betting that there’s some drugs or alcohol involved in this home.


Likely so.

I rented an apartment a few blocks from there in the 70’s and it was an iffy area way back then.


They kept the kids cooped up in the house with them and one kid’s dead but the mother who sent her 7-year old to the park got arrested and had to post $4K bond! Something’s very wrong.


…and a lot of stupid…


guns don’t kill children; children kill children! This could have happened just as easily with a hammer!


And in Florida a judge ruled that doctors cannot talk to parents about having guns in the home. Makes perfect sense for judges to tell doctors what subjects they may bring up with patients. Love those repubs…they sure talk the talk about BIG government! but they are just so fucking inconsistent! In fairness, they are too stupid to recognize that they are mere pawns of the NRA and their ilk.


Or a nail. Or a fly swatter.



Happily, I gave up on the gun nuts awhile ago, and trained myself not to care. Sucks to be them, huh?

This could have been prevented with more guns.


Just imagine that this was you or I. I would expect to be thrown under the jail for a couple of lifetimes for this laundry list of offenses.
There has to be some accountability, some penalty for that much carelessness and criminal stupidity.

Even if we grant the “accident” excuse, it’s still a death, a very preventable death. An airplane didn’t drop out of the sky or an earthquake didn’t shake something loose and smash the child. The dumbass adults intentionally bought guns and ammo, loaded the weapon and consciously left it out where the children could reach it. Where the accident is in there I don’t know but death occurred and that means that we have to back up and figure out the why, the how come. And with just a little effort, the accident excuse is shot to hell (sorry).

The negligence started long before the gun went off and the child died.

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There was nothing anyone could do to prevent Gawd from taking that little boy home to be with Republican Jesus.


5 kids under the age of 5 = a lot of time pregnant.

I’m assuming they were in the process of making a new baby.

This child is a martyr.

He died for your rights to shoot small fury animals – just for enjoyment.

In a related story a drunk driver got out of his truck to harass the driver of the car in front of him at a light and his own truck which he forgot to take out of gear, ran him over. See drunk driving accidents are like gun accidents.

-Tuffy the Clown

Sadly the child will not grow up to join a militia.

Oh I forgot to mention…Kansas.

Just another accident where no arrests were made. Nothing to see here, move along. (sigh)

Whew. That’s one less gun-toting 3-year-old maniac we all have to worry about!

Good thing we have responsible parents ridding our streets of these dangerous threats to all of us.

America, fuck yeah!