Discussion: 3-Way Contest Complicates Dem Bid To Take Down Kobach In Kansas Guv Race

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I frankly now consider people like Orman, who are running basically what is a vanity campaign, guilty of undermining our system. I have to always ask why they are willing to run and insure that the conservative candidate, who represents everything they oppose, wins? There is a lot of evidence in many races that the independent candidate taking votes from the Democratic candidate is in fact a rat fck operation funded by the GOP. That may not be the case here, but how can Orman justify running, when it is clear the end result will be Kobach in the governer’s office? I feel the same way about the people of Maine, who TWICE did this and both times ended up with a bat sht crazy governor. What is wrong with you people?


Some people regard politics as atomistic consumerism. They don’t think of elections as having real-life repercussions for people, they think of them as fashion statements.


I wouldn’t necessarily blame the people of Maine. It was largely Elliot Cutler, running twice on his own purse as an independent (the first time against a Dem who had all the appeal of day-old oatmeal), who was the LePage enabler.

The best thing they could do this year is keep Cutler the hell out of the state for a couple months, starting Labor Day. Send him off to investigate chewing gum violations in Singapore or something.

He only lost by 60k statewide 4 years ago. He can probably improve on that by only losing by 50k as the Dilettante Party candidate.


This is what democracy looks like.



Do you believe Orman can win?

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Greg Orman is continuing the long tradition of “liberal” turds helping Republicans win. Ralph Nader and Jill Stein come immediately to mind. I wonder who will screw us in 2020?


Maine now uses ranked-choice voting in all elections, so Cutler doesn’t have to go anywhere.

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It’s mostly white male privilege which is just as bad on the left as it is on the right. They know they and their’s will be just fine under the most oppressive administration, so it makes sense to them to run these statement campaigns. Ultimately, they just don’t care about the people who’ll suffer. They’re not a damn bit better than the oppressors. I’d argue they’re worse.


Follow the money
You will find Republicans dropping PAC money into Orman’s campaign account


I do not understand why there are such large blocks of voters who are willing to commit suicide (in a political sense). The agenda of these candidates is so obviously, and now with actual experience from implementation, damaging to the very people they supposedly represent — and yet, in this bizzaro world, where up is down and freedom is voluntary submission and servitude, these candidates not only have a outsider’s chance but often, too often, actually win, and sometimes win re-election. Apparently tribalism and hatred of “the other” is just too strong in some parts, and I am mostly grateful not to be living there.

I don’t want to completely write them off (and people who might live there but voted for better outcomes that were simply overwhelmed by other voters deserve my sympathy for having to live under consequences that they did not support), but I don’t see any way of reaching these self-destructive voters nor any way of “forcing” them to accept better principles of governance over their own objections. At some point, democracy demands that people have the right to drink their own poison.


Don’t the Democrats have any photos or video of Kobach in his brown shirt and armband?


Sadly, true.

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Seizing defeat from the jaws of victory is a Democratic talent.

Why would Democrats want to encourage his supporters to show up and vote?


Because most Kansas Republican voters are not pro-Nazi.

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Lest we forget Brownback was reelected against a credible democratic candidate with a 30% approval rating. 3 way or 2 Kobach will be the next governor or Kansas.


I suppose we are about to find out. I will hope that you are right, but I fear you are not. (Republicans may not like the label, but they sure do seem to love the policies and approach to governing.)


Bernie could help by setting an example accepting the Democratic nomination in VT. We Dems lay all the groundwork, do all the voter protection, and these assholes then hold their noses up at supporting the party that is the best chance of beating thugs like Korbach. I am sick of these beings from outer space.