Discussion: 3 Muslims Shot To Death in North Carolina

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That little detail was not present in the News and Observer this morning.

Even if the shooter did it explicitly because he was a Christian and the victims were Muslim, I’m sure Fox News will explain it in some other way, and blame Islam rather than Christianity.


Well, with all the verbal rape Fanatic Christians are experiencing of late, I’m sure this fellow felt totally justified. Snark aside, I’ll start forming an opinion when more details emerge. My condolences to the victims’ families and friends.


He’s an atheist redneck terrorist.


Just more of that radical Christian terrorism we see so often in this country.

My condolences to the families of those murdered by radical Christianists.


He’s an atheist, he hates religious people. Violent atheists do exist too. FOX has it as the lead story, and say it is likely a hate crime. Surprising, but they do. The comments section was of course closed down, I’m sure the white trash were out in full force.

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He’s an atheist. Hates Christians too.

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Slightly more information here, but still not enough to draw conclusions:


An militant Christian dressed in Atheist clothing? Any way you cut this one, my guess is the DOJ will be pursuing as a hate crime.

I wonder if the NRA is saying “if only they had guns to protect themselves…oh wait, they’re muslim - they can’t have guns.”


Freedom of religion is apparently no longer the foundation of the existence of this nation. Aetheist, or Christian, or Muslim, or Jew, or Wicca, or otherwise, terrorism is still terrorism. These actions in the name of any philosophical or religious belief is the manifestation of a severe mental disorder.

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There is no pattern of atheists using violence to achieve their ends. I would challenge you to provide evidence of this but there isn’t any. You once mentioned Stalin, whose atheism was pretty much incidental to being an ideologue and a psychopath so that won’t wash. Just stop peddling this line, OK?


We are the less. Sincere condolences to the families and friends.


No surprise here.

How long before some nut job in the right wing blogosphere insists that this horrific act is actually a Sandy Hook-style “false flag” being perpetrated by the Obama administration?


Was on the UNC campus just the other day. Beautiful place. Going back next week. Crazy what one person can do with a little help from his friends; hate radio, Fox News, 2nd Amendment BS, NRA, “Palin talk” “targeting” politicians, in the cross hairs posters, WSJ editor James Taranto on the Aurora movie house killings in 2012 “I hope, the girls whose boyfriends died to save them were worthy of the sacrifice.”,

And now, no John Stewart to put it all together for us every night.


There are sociopathic loons present in all segments of any culture. It appears on the surface as though this idiot is a real atheist, but regardless of what he is, I believe this is a crime that fully and justifiably merits the death penalty. And I’m an atheist.

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You need Jon Stewart to put it together for you? Really?


I’m sure that any minute now, the Right Wing Noise Machine will go nuts if President Obama doesn’t immediately declare this to be an act of terrorism.


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I’ll bet 20 bucks it’s the same old pattern—an angry, resentful nobody with a few ill-understood ideas rattling around in a mostly empty head, eventually fixing on a particular target to blame his lousy life on. That and guns. Guns guns guns.