Discussion: 3 Men In Custody After White Supremacists Allegedly Open Fire On Black Lives Matter Protesters

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I hope they enjoy their Thanksgivings and Christmases in jail and then in prison for the next 25 years; where they deserve to be, alongside so many black lives, (and some of those black lives should not be there.)


“The newspaper reported earlier Tuesday that authorities were weighing whether to treat the shooting as a hate crime, citing anonymous sources familiar with the investigation.”

Sounds pretty textbook to me.


authorities were weighing whether to treat the shooting as a hate crime,

Obviously it should’ve treated a a hate crime… What other reason is there?

Unless all of the protest is in these guys front yard or something that drove them crazy, this is a hate crime. The protest is largely about race.

I could see weighing whether to add to the charges, as proving it is a different story, but it clearly should be treated a a hate crime, and investigations should be seeking evidence (besides obvious common sense) to make the charge stick.

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Well, it’s confusing when they’re white, have been hanging around casing the protest group, and came to the scene together each armed, guns loaded for fire, and them wearing protective vests and masks.

Like, if they REALLY went there jointly with menace on their minds, you’d think they’d make some effort to avoid it been so OBVIOUS, right? It’s SO obvious, so right-out-of-the-Code textbook, you just have to be suspicious they might be all just jointly too stupid to tie their own shoes or insane or something.

'You’re charged with assault with a deadly weapon and intent to issue menaces. Anything to say? - Yeah, we didn’t actually go there, like, AGREEING or INTENDING to shoot anyone, just to intimidate them, you know? Give a scare, make 'em pee their pants, watch ‘em maybe scatter like scared rats. But “menace”? No way. It’s all their faults they got shot, cuz when they didn’t get intimidated, we got scared they weren’t scare enough, capeesh? So we had to kind of, you know, make the point’


Why wouldn’t you treat it as hate crime? Given the circumstances what’s to debate? These guys are young, dumb and done. Their lives are ruined. That’s what their hate got them.


FOX will call this an obvious racist arrest of three men who were profiled because they were white. And Alex Jones, FOX’s lead investigative reporter, will disclose the original attack was a black flag op run right out of the White House basement.
___Or any number of variations on that theme. ___in 3…2…

(*Don’t laugh! With the loons at the Bagger and GOP propaganda machine at FOX, it could happen.)

Additionally, The Donald has already showed us what happens when a BLM protester shows up at a white GOP rally:

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Getting that old Weimar feeling . . .


Without the fun of decadent nights at the Kit Kat Club


These 3 assholes have shitty timing–current climate precludes any slap on the wrist. They’re looking at serious time.


I used to live in Minneapolis, left just over a year ago. Friends back there are reporting that when the shootings took place police pepper sprayed the BLM protesters and one officer reportedly told a protester that they had it coming after the shootings occurred. None of that surprises me, as Minneapolis has a long history of racially motivated overly aggressive police actions, as the police union keeps problem cops from being fired. The MPD also was picking up young people and feeding them drugs, then releasing them among the Occupy protesters a couple of years back so they could blame Occupy for drugs. The MPD has a lot of parallels with the Chicago Police.

I would love to know when “to protect and to serve” turned into “to kill and to frame/blame”.

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It must just be my browser, but I don’t see any caption for that photo. Is that them? Is that the police? When was it taken? What’s going on?

It definitely wasn’t a “love crime!”

Wouldn’t anyone who shot a gun into a crowd of protesters at ANY time be facing attempted murder charges? I don’t think the “current climate” has anything to do with that charge. It’s the hate crime charge added to attempted murder that would be added at this time. As someone else above posted, “this certainly was NOT a love crime”.

There are reports that this was a planned attack, why are these men being called racists, which they are, and not terrorists, which they also are?

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I doubt they will get more than a slap on the wrist. After all, according to the right, BLM is a terrorist group and these young men were just protecting American values.


Let us identify these three men properly. They are thugs.

No, they are domestic terrorists.
And they should be treated as such.

Gawd I wish you weren’t so right