Discussion: 2016 Might Be America's Next High-Stakes Election

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Every election is a “high stakes” election. We’re picking the people who will make all sorts of decisions in the next few years. If more people decided to vote, we’d likely see both political parties straighten up. When you leave the voting to someone else, you give power to the political wonks who screw things up to appeal to the “base”.


I “might” be the King of Bulgaria. The Cubs “might” win the World Series this year. Headline writing “might” be my new career.


Dems did not have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for a year. Al Franken didn’t take his seat until mid July of 2009, and Ted Kennedy died in late August, giving less than a month and a half with 60 Senators. Paul Kirk took the seat for four months until Norm Coleman won, giving the Dems a total of five and a half months, much of it out of session, with 60 votes.

Progressives need to stop promulgating the myth that the Democrats had a year to do what they please. It gives the GOP cover for their obstruction, suggesting the left had enough time to do what they want when they certainly did not. The GOP loves to talk about how the Dems controlled everything for so long because it helps them with their base to blame the Dems for everything that’s wrong and to absolve themselves of blame.


Every election is high stakes. The only difference here is that the conservative brand is more out in the open insane and cookey than ever. So damage they do would take decades to fix with regards to the “SCOTUS” and so on.


Might be??? I am unable to think of any scenarios where it won’t have unusually high stakes going in. Obama legacy, health care law resilience, Supreme Court direction, Right-wing ascendancy vs. conflagration, first woman President…the list of high stakes areas is long.


As a free thinking, independent left leaning woman, you bet it’s going to be a high stakes election. My future as well as the future of all women in our country is at stake too. I find it very scary.


I will proudly vote for Hillary for president. The first woman president! I do not want the repubs to get that honor.


“his weak and reckless foreign policy will “embolden” IS, Hamas, Russia, and various domestic terrorists; and the economic recovery will drown as high taxes, debt worries, red tape and class warfare discourage growth and innovation.”

Wow, is Kilgore your typical GOP stiff, or what?

Another radical TeaPublican longing for the exemplary leadership that brought about 9-11, economic collapse and two pointless, deadly expensive wars! Yup, Republicans are just anarchists

We visit the future…2016…

Your Majesty, I regret to inform you that the Cubs have lost again. The Bulgarian people look to you for a good headline.


The biggest stakes in the “near” future are 2020.

If you call yourself progressive, please try to explain to as many friends as you can that 2020 will be a census year. In 2010, people who vote for Democrats didn’t roll out of bed to vote. It’s their biggest weakness. They think the President is magic, and everything else doesn’t matter. That’s why Republicans are in control of both houses. They were allowed to take Governorships and positions like Secretary of State for individual states that no one really thinks about. So they got to gerrymander the election maps.

People are still saying “Texas is turning blue”, even though it’s not. And it’s not because Republicans got to gerrymander all those liberal folks into a couple of districts.

So people who want to stop the Republican party’s policy of tax breaks for the rich and cuts for the poor need to start working now at getting people to get involved. Start talking to anyone age 13 and up about it. Get them to vote.


“Might”? What corrupt country have you been living in?


You could take any of these three areas of “high stakes” and invert the language to see how Republicans tend to view the coming election: If Democrats keep the White House, and particularly if they reclaim the Senate (a real possibility), Obama’s agenda of executive action on immigration and climate change will be solidified and extended; his weak and reckless foreign policy will “embolden” IS, Hamas, Russia, and various domestic terrorists; and the economic recovery will drown as high taxes, debt worries, red tape and class warfare discourage growth and innovation.

No, Kilgore is NOT your typical GOP stiff. The part you missed was right above your quote. He specifically says to invert the language to see into the Republican mind.


Every election is HIGH STAKES. This not only includes presidential elections but also includes mid-term elections and especially local elections. In fact local elections, the ones nobody votes in, are about control of millions of $$$ and affect most of our daily lives, schools, roads, garbage collection, than national or state wide races. But when discussing issues like war and peace, security and the economy how can any presidential election be other than high stakes.


Yawn Don’t we say this about every election? Look what happened in 2014, and what American “Government” has become,
You’ll have a hard road to convince me that much will change as of January 20, 2017.

Do you REALLY think that the Grumpy Old Party plans to do anything different, when and if a woman occupies “Their” White House?
You don’t think that a herd of misogynistic old men, half of them beating their (versions of the) Bible are going to stand for taking orders from a women?
No, there will be another little “Meeting” the night of the November election, after the latest GOP Clown goes down in flaming defeat in the Electoral College, and the GOP will plan to deal with another Clinton, just the way they did with Obama.
So, I ask you. What changes?
The election of another Corporate Conservative Democrat, to keep a chair warm in the Oval Office?
I don’t see any change much at all except skin colour and perhaps gender.
So these two insignificant changes are all of a sudden going to convert the GOP into a mass of purring kittens?
If Democrats think that, they are delusional.
The Obama Presidency taught the GOP a sure fire way to “Overtake the Plumbing” so if they don’t get their way, nothing happens.
You REALLY think that they will just up and forget it all in the face of any Democrat, let alone Hillary Clinton?
Now the only way to make things different would be a record turnout for the Democrats, even in strong GOP States.
But if History in General and Electoral History in specific have “proved” anything, it is surely this:
Democrats cannot turn out their own voters, even with a bulldozer and a backhoe. Not even when it matters.
So in the end, it does not Matter.
We’ll see more of the same. One half of the voters will turn out. Most of those the GOP, while Democrats stay home on their sofas and watch a riptide of “More of the same” drown more and more Americans who can’t keep their heads above the rising tides of GOP swill.
So let’s hear it for “important” elections… rah…rah…razzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!


well kennedy that would mean that republicons would have to take responsability and they cant have that now can they!!!

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Try reading for comprehension next time.


The sun might rise tomorrow.


Summarizing the GOP position is not the same as advocating for it.

You know that, right?