Discussion: 2009 Review Reportedly Found Okla. Deputy's Training Was Questionable

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The judge also approved his request to vacation in the Bahamas.

I’m sure if Mr. Harris had made it to court the Judge would have let him take a nice vacation outside of the country while awaiting trial. After all court hearings can be stressful.


Oh, how nice. The Bahamas. Wonder if he’ll swing by the funeral on the way out.

By the way, does Harris know the Bahamas has a high population of dark-skinned people, people who may recognize him?


You know, it’s entirely possible this guy really doesn’t think he got preferential treatment. Rich entitled parasitic fucks like him never seem to notice all the things the don’t happen to them just because they’re rich.


Thought experiment: rich, elderly black man, while play-acting as a cop, kills a young white man and after being charged with manslaughter, is allowed to vacation in the Bahamas for a month.

If you can imagine the unimaginable, this would be it.


You probably haven’t seen the BBC’s seminal WW2 comedy “Dad’s Army” starring the late great Arthur Lowe, but this guy looks like his character, Capt Mainwaring.

Mainwaring was also an entitled, bumptious buffoon - but unlike the pretend copper in OK, much loved.


I would have no problem releasing Bates on his own recognizance. But I’d demand that he surrender his passport. Just common sense. I can’t imagine any defense attorney successfully arguing that such a condition was unreasonable.


It would give Hannity and Bill O a month’s worth of programming, though.


For all the legal eagles here: is it common for someone who is facing charges to be allowed to travel overseas?
Something about that just seems so wrong to me.


Given the amount of money beneath all this…I think its best to wait for the truth. If this creeps training was inadequate or fabricated ( I think that’s the case ) the town is wide open to a HUGE lawsuit. So one would expect evasive and cryptic behavior from an agency that did falsify records…and voila.

The truth will out on this thing. It’s got too much money attached to it not to. I’d bet big bucks it’s uglier than imagined.


If you were a wealthy 73 year old retired executive with a house in the Bahamas and a house in Florida, would you spend your time playing cops and robbers in Tulsa Oklahoma?



Clearly we have two justice systems…one for the wealthy and one for the rest of us. Permission to go to the Bahamas while awaiting trial for manslaughter??? REALLY? Does he not understand the optics? Does the judge not understand the optics? His lawyer? What are these people thinking? Oh, yea…they are not. And finally, where is the outrage from the good citizens of Oklahoma?


Not only a suit against the town, but personal lawsuits against Bates and his Bahama traveling buddy, the sheriff.


Civil lawyer, not a criminal lawyer, but it ran, not just the regular “WTF?” flab, but rather, giant" WTFF???" flag up the pole for me.


And your honor, my feet are a little sore from standing here this morning and I’m concerned they might swell up before my trip to the Bahamas. Can you, or if you’re too busy right now, can you direct your court staff to provide me with a complementary foot massage?

  • Sure thing, Mr. Bates. How about we start with a nice long soak in fragrant oils and bath salts?

  • Chief, what about the prior complaints and review?

I’m basically familiar with that, it happened many years ago in a land far far away which basically I had nothing to do with the facts of what happened or the review, and it all basically resulted in total exoneration of everyone involved including Mr. Bates and basically me and stuff.

  • … in the sense that the review found Bates’ training questionable, his conduct weird and totally outside justifiable authority and determined that your office and you in particular permitted all that and tried to sweep it under the rug … that sort of exoneration?


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How about a big ass tracking monitor? Placed somewhere on his body to hinder his golf game perhaps?

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Love British Comedy…

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I predict a wrongful death suit …

Against DeepPocketsBates and Tulsa County.


The nbc interview with this good ol’ boy has to be the creepiest thing to be produced in a long while.


Watch Bates buy and bully his way onto the security staff of his beachfront Bahamian hotel…

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