Discussion: 11-Year-Old Charged With Murdering 8-Year-Old Neighbor Over New Puppy

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“The Horror, The Horror”.
Col. Kurtz seems to have supplanted Bugs Bunny in the minds of some of our youth.


And his parents were doing…what?


Words fail.


If only the eight-year-old had been armed.


More responsible gun owners…until they’re not.

Which is really the point here. As far as I know, in no other industry or context is responsible compliance with best practices and safety procedures presumed when so much is at stake. NONE. We do not wait for a chemical or pharmy company to dump thousands of gallons of VOCs and PCBs into a river to regulate them, presuming all along that they were a “responsible contaminant manufacturer.” We don’t presume nuclear power plants to be “responsible radiation producers” until they have a melt down. We don’t presume doctors, nurses, hospitals to be “responsible medical care providers” until we find out they’ve caused numerous deaths for failed sanitation and sterilization practices. Those in possession of dangerous substances such as said chemicals, or bio-hazard material or pharmaceuticals must register their possession, bills of lading must track the chain of possession, they must comply with regulatory requirements about the storage, transportation and handling of such materials…and they must prove said compliance on a regular basis through a detailed oversight process. The list is fucking endless.

And yet, any fucktard can waltz into Walmart, purchase an arsenal (and some stylin’ fatigues) to bring home to their house full of children and there is absolutely no effort to assure that they’re properly trained and using best practices and safety procedures to prevent those firearms from falling into the hands of their children…or any other number of disasters that can occur when you have introduced a tool for which there is no other purpose but dealing death into the home environment. And to add insult to injury, there’s almost no effort to at least retroactively criminalize and prosecute any failures in that regard. Because why? Because this country is stuck on stupid. Period.


Probably busy fondli… er, cleaning their other unsecured and loaded rifles and pistols.



Remember Folks:

An Armed Society Is a Safe Society!®



Paging Dr. Carson, paging Dr. Carson, please, enlighten our day with some of your wise words…


The NRA will have to provide pro bono representation for this boy, lest elites propose tyrannical rules regarding safe storage of weapons in a home having small children. Sounds like a “Stand Your Ground” defense will suffice. Either that or “Timmy was having a bad day” should do.


SHE’s Throwing A WHITE pine CRIPS GANG sIGN. sO MUCH for INNOcent. VICTIM yes.


Yes, and all the other ass-hats who say we can’t even have a discussion because no solution could have prevented this tragedy.
Now watch this drive.


It’s time to erect a “Monument to the Martyrs of the Second Amendment” on the D.C. Mall.


Mental illness strikes again.

Can’t be the easy access to guns and the lack of seriousness we have about their ownership, storage, and use.


Treat them like we treat cars… you must have insurance, and when something like this happens… sue the living crap out of the owner.


And therein lies the rub. You know what their argument will be? “The premiums are analogous to a poll tax and would be so high as to be preventative, thereby functioning as an unreasonable restraint on our right to own guns.” See, the problem is…as you say “when something like this happens”…something like this WILL happen. Insurance companies know this. They’re also well aware that it’s not just one death here and one injury there. It can quickly blossom into numerous deaths and maimings for which emotions run high, for juries will be sympathetic and seek to punish, etc. The exposure is so great that the premiums required to cover it would be ridiculous.

In fact, it’s an interesting thought experiment, and I’d really like some industrious GUN SAFETY ADVOCATE* to game that all out and do the underwriting and figure out what such an insurance product would actually have to look like, because I feel 100% confident that it would be horribly revealing.

  • For the love of all that is fucking holy, TPM, stop using the phrase “gun control advocate” unless you also want to just cave in and start doing things like using the words and phrases like “abortionist” and “pro-abortion” and the verb “commit” when referring to abortions. You might as well just hang up the fucking towel if you’re going to adopt the loonies’ rhetoric and fight the battle on the terminology and conceptualizations of their choosing.

I don’t get why everyone is so upset about this. SHE REFUSED TO LET HIM SEE THE PUPPY.

Lines have to be drawn.


Instead of “gun control advocate”, I’d be OK with “an advocate for common-sense gun laws that should be f*cking obvious to everyone.”


And will the parents also be charged?


It’d be nice if TPM was better than jokes about the murder of an 8-year-old girl, but it isn’t. This site blows.