Discussion: 1 Man Is Brain Dead And 5 Others Hospitalized In French Drug Trial

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"This drug is not cannabis…

Until the AntiPotters say it is

Holy moley. This is horrible.

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Get ready for the surge of comments about how this is the problem with socialized medicine (without realizing how many familiar drug companies are based overseas.)

It’s very sad that the drug is in any way related to cannabis because it will cause the uninformed to go off the deep end. Also very sad outcome for those affected by the drug.


Bial, the Portuguese drug producer, said Friday that 108 healthy people
had already taken part in trials involving the drug and had no moderate
or serious reactions. Bial added that initial testing for the drug
started in June following toxicology tests.

That these serious adverse events (as they’re known) happened all at once, I’m betting that there was something different about this specific batch of the study drug.


I am wondering what the structure of the drug is. As a former scientist it would tell me much about what the level of relation to the cannabinoid system is. From what was said in the article it seems the drug is totally synthetic and not at all derived from any natural compound. Because a chemical can bind to a receptor does not mean it will have any beneficial effect. An example would be this: the estrogen receptor will bind estrogen nicely and the correct biological effects will happen. The estrogen receptor also binds to uranium. And it does so in a way that prevents the natural hormone from getting to the receptor. So, uranium is a reproductive disruptor. And that’s aside from its other heavy metal toxic effects and radioactive effects.


here you go:


Much appreciated!!

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So we can see how unrelated the two structures are. Yet they both bind to the receptor apparently. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t retired and still had access to a lab with the appropriate toys so I could do some biochemistry on this.


exactly. just because 2 chemicals bind to the same receptor doesn’t necessarily make them related in any other way.

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I’m going to wildly guess that since another trial was uneventful that the drugs in this one were somehow tainted or sabotaged.

Yes, probably something extraordinary happened here. How terrible for the patients and their families.

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1 Man Is Brain Dead And 5 Others

Oh, I thought this was more coverage of GOP debate…my bad!


Let’s see… a drug that, despite being very chemically different, binds to the same receptors as cannabis, presumably to cause similar neurological effects but ends up being lethally dangerous.

Or cannabis. Which by most reputable accounts has never killed anybody, ever.

And these drug companies keep trying to come up with cannabis substitutes why exactly? Oh right – can’t grow these expensive chemical substitutes.


I read ‘somewhere’ that the RNC is looking to start a ‘study’ here… with Flint water as the chaser.

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Peter Parker managed it in his bedroom.

This reminds me of the popular 1960s European morning sickness drug, thalidomide. It caused horrendous birth defects, an effect that was never discovered during clinical trials. Americans were largely spared the tragedy because our conservatively cautious FDA of the era didn’t approve its use. Over the decades, however, the FDA has been politically pressured to be less strict in its drug approvals.


Good points. Similar to this country where people keep having serious adverse reactions to synthetic marijuana-ish things. Just legalize herb already.

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Just because you’re retired doesn’t make you a former scientist. It does give you some time to teach, as demonstrated here.