Discussion: $1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot Goes To 3 Winners In 3 States

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…We’re all so excited for our city…

What they think the person is going to stay there and share the wealth? Good luck with that!


We should have reverse lotteries. Every week we choose a billionaire at random, who has to give away $640,000,000: $2 to each American citizen.


Well there’s a logistical nightmare. Reminiscent of Steve Martin’s troubles in “The Jerk.”

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Silly remark.

I remember once my late Father saying that the lottery was a “…tax on a fellow who’s bad at math.” Then he laughed and continued: “…and I’ve paid that tax on several occasions.”

Lottery Prayer: "Dear Lord! Let me prove to you that winning the Powerball lottery won’t change or spoil ME!..Amen."


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Well at least a Chinese national didn’t win. I hear they were buying up tickets left and right to get in on the action. Can you imagine what people would be saying if someone from outside the country that was a citizen of another country had won with the amount of animus towards foreigners today within some circles? I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP suggested next time you should have to show citizenship papers in order to buy a fucking lottery ticket.


Wait! Isn’t that Pajama Boy hisownself? The Honourable (not) Blake Farenthold (Numbnuts, TX). Who knew?

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Inane ranting about nothing.

Awww…Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

rotfl…Now that you mention it! It sure looks like the depraved corpulent pr*ck!
BTW: That picture is, of course, a fake ____ as far as the lottery is concerned. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to step out of the political news bubble once and awhile and enjoy some silliness. I’ll try to hold on to this smile for the rest of the day.

What is your problem?

The LA Times Powerball Simulator saved me the $20 I briefly considered as a “why not?” gamble.

Just hit “Quick Pick” and “Play” to see an initial $100 disappear (it reinvests your winnings, somewhere near $9, in more tickets). Then you can hit “Bet your paycheck” and repeat the simulation with whatever amount you want to enter.

I decided that not only was the $20 too much to spend for briefly creating the (extremely unlikely) possibility of life-changing wealth, but that even the effort of going to purchase the tickets was too much to spend. Once you think about the probabilities, instead of the possibilities, the perceived value of holding a ticket shrinks back closer to actual value.

“The winners of the world-record jackpot overcame odds of 1 in 292.2 million” - No, they really didn’t.

Mine or theirs? Mine, as usual, was meant to be.

Don’t laugh, apparently that was one of 3 folks in the US good at math and “lucky” at love! And actually I think she’s the one that hit it big.